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  1. Oh. I see. Thanks for the info guys!
  2. How does RenderTexture and SpriteBatches work? How come they're faster?
  3. I tried setting two setInterval at different speeds but the screen keeps on blinking unless they're both at the same speed.
  4. I'm thinking of taking the approach of defining two stages. One for sprites(animated objects) and other for static ones (like backgrounds). Would that make my game faster. Say rendering large but static images at a lower frame rate while small animated objects a higher one?
  5. Would I use less memory with Atlas then? Oh and also while on this topic: If I used power of two images would I gain performance/optimize memory access?
  6. I know that the game will load faster since there's less requests with fewer files, right? But does the use of Atlas instead of spritesheets have any gain in performance?
  7. Thanks rich! Tought I was doing some mess. Is the phaser inside the build folder updated?
  8. I have a ClassA that extends Phaser.Sprite and I do the following: this.a = new Class(this.game);this.add.existing(this.a);On ClassA.js: ClassA = function(game, x, y, texture){ Phaser.Sprite.call(this, game, x, y, texture);};ClassA.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype);ClassA.prototype.constructor = ClassA;ClassA.prototype.update = function(){ console.log("here");};Log isn't showing up. The object is being rendered but the update is not being called. Do I have to call it manually on my state's update?
  9. It's quite far into development really, but this problem is holding us back from releasing it so. I've been looking into 1.2 and a few things changed right? Sprites have no body anymore? My game is not physics heavy so if I'm able to do some simple square collision there won't be much problem porting. Also I saw that there's some new stuff like the image class that looks like something I'd use to spare some memory. How I'd get the sprite's width and make it collide with world bounds without the body? Thanks for the reply rich
  10. So we've been having some memory issues and after a lot of investigation trying to find leaks we ended up reaching the conclusion that there isn't any. We think the main problem is that our target platform (Samsung Smart TV) has a slow GC or something. So if we simply only load the assets for our game screen and start the game directly there it works without any lag. So we decided to try and load assets per screen, by doing: On every preload: preload: function(){ this.game.load.image('logo','assets/images/main_menu/logo_embaixadinhas.png'); this.game.load.image('menu_bg','assets/
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