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  1. Silen

    Flappy Eros

    Thanks for comments! Apelmon, static stars in the web version only (for better performance). In native mobile versions stars move, shine and fall
  2. Flappy again Flappy Eros uses base gameplay of Flappy Bird, but has much more features like collecting items and bonuses, purchasing upgrades and earning achievements. Play game (HTML5) - http://eros.clay.io/game/eros The game also available in mobile markets: Google Play Apple App Store Windows Phone Store
  3. I don't know about multiplayer, but Clay.io API is easy to implement.
  4. Silen

    Fishy Rush

    Many thanks to all of you for comments! turnA, I use GameMaker: Studio for all platforms.
  5. Silen

    Fishy Rush

    Hi! This is my first cross-platform project created with Gamemaker Studio. Inspired by Joyride Jetpack Fishy Rush is an extremely addictive and challenging adventure in the underwater world! Collect coins, catch power ups, complete quests and buy upgrades. Enjoy! Features - Endless gameplay with auto-generated quests - Fantastic 3D graphics and sound effects - A lot of upgrades, power-ups and achievements - Multi-language support: English, German, Russian and Turkish Controls Tap to swim up. Release to swim down. Play game (HTML5) - http://fishyrush.com/demo Improved version of Fishy R
  6. I wait during 4 days. It's remind me Apple App Store approval process
  7. I think GameMaker: Studio is good choise. Framework is perfect and saves a lot of time. GML is very similar to JS. You also can use pure JS in your project so there are no limitations. HaXe is great crossplatform engine, but haven't convenient IDE. GameMaker is crossplatform too.
  8. I spoke with Jur and he said that they can disable IOS4 so the game will only be visible on IOS5 and higher. iPad1 is not a problem But they want sound on iOS and this is problem for GM developers
  9. Audience is not different. Do you think people with iPad1 play only html5 games but don't play native applications?
  10. They don't care about old Android device but cares about old iOS device? Do you really know sponsors who still use iPad1 for testing? I use TestFlight to deliver the iOS games to a potencial AppStore publishers. During last half year I don't see iPad1 in device list for testing. Some publishers still uses iPad2, but for most publisher iPad3 is focus.
  11. I think you do not need to worry about iPad1. This gadget is become outdated. Apple don't support it and there are no chance that YoYoGames interested in support it too. I think you'll have even more problems with old Android phones. For example, first Galaxy Mini with a 500MHz processor gives only 10 fps in my game. But all modern budget Android phones give maximum FPS. I think you must focus on modern budget phones.
  12. GameMaker have a lot of bugs of course. But what wrong with physics? Recently I made physics game and it work perfectly on iOS, Android and WinPhone. One strange bug: physics sensor state doesn't work on iOS Chrome (but work on Android and PC Chrome).
  13. In GameMaker you can encode string with URL using built-in functions.
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