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  1. Hi people, i made in the past a framework based in the flash game framework called flashpunk, I used for a couple of games in the past. And then i leave it for a long time while I was doing adobe air projects. Right now im planing on make a comeback to html5 development starting by porting my game to it and I decided to update my framework to make it compatible with the latest things. The framework uses pixi as a renderer, you have the github page here with an example and more info Thanks! https://github.com/Questtracers/punkJS I hope its interesting for you
  2. Hi guys, i want to introduce you to my new html5 game Cosmolicious! The game was built using Pixi. PLAY GAME HERE: http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/cosmolicious Hope you like it! -screenshots- PLAY GAME HERE: http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/cosmolicious http://www.questtracers.com/
  3. Hi there guys I released a game sponsored by spilgames using Pixi a Dating Sim for girls called Prom Queen Sim You can check it here: http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/balo_kralicesi.html Here is some screenshots Thanks mat for your awesome engine!
  4. Hi there guys, here is my new game and the first that I make in Html5 sponsored by Spilgames and made using Pixi. Its the first html5 game that my indie dev team Questtracers makes and we are very proud of it. Prom Queen Sim is a dating simultor where you have to date 4 different boys in order to be queen of the prom! You can edit your character to make it look like you, and you can purchase clothers in order to increase your beauty, get jobs to purchase gifts for the boys and date with them by playing great minigames that are different depending on the boy. Im very happy with the game (yu
  5. Hi there, I have been started a new html5 blog focused on html5 games that actual runs perfect on the tablets, that means that for the moment no webgl or keyboard controled based games are allowed. If you are interested that your game is being linked or published in our website please be free to send me it. Here is the website hope you liked it. http://www.webtabletgames.com/ Many thanks for your help
  6. Hi there, do you know if there is an easy way to make autoframeskipping in pixi? I was wondering how to archieve it, but i didnt find anything usefull to do it in google :/ For the momment I have forced the game to frameskip 1 by using this in the main loop if (frameskip < 2) frameskip += 1; else { renderer.render(stage); frameskip = 0; } But I would be awesome to have some script to autodetect the frame skip, any idea how to archieve it?
  7. Is in the default browser But It appears that in chrome doesnt work very well in the galaxy tab also
  8. Hi there, i have resent the game to the qa with the canvas renderer forced using the new verion of pixi but they still say that there are performance issues with the samsung galaxy tab 2 and the samsung galaxy 3. What can i do??
  9. Hi there I have been testing a lot Pixi, and I found an odd behaviour in iOs, all the texts appear in an upper position than in the web browser. Why is this? It is like all the texts has a few pixels rested to its y coordinate, is there any way to fix it? Many thanks! Edit: I also have tested it on Android devices and it happens too, any idea how to solve it?
  10. I sent a version of the game with the last dev version of pixi, I will report you what the qas say, next thing I will try will be the forced canvas rendering, thanks for your help!
  11. Hi there, I have a little problem, I have sent a version of my game to my sponsor and the QA test has reported me that the game is experiencing serious performance problems in some android devices. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Samsung Galaxy 4 Samsung Galaxy 3 However I have widely test it on many ios devices and it worked well, is there any kind of bad practices that needs to be avoided in order to get a nice performance on android or is this a bug?? Many thanks!
  12. Hi there I am trying to achieve an effect that I have in the flash version of my game. Here is the effect Is the tiny shadow that the texts drops with each letter. The effect is achieved by applying the DropShadowfilter of flash to the bitmapdata of the text. Is there any way to achieve anything like that with the pixi.js texts?? Many thanks!
  13. I finally got it using howler and this tutorial http://paulbakaus.com/tutorials/html5/web-audio-on-ios/
  14. I am coding the sound part of my game, and It is being very painfull, I have tried two different audio APIs that worked in the Ipad perfect in their websites but when I add them to my game, it works only on PC but on IPad Im not getting any sound effect! The two audio apis that I have tried are http://buzz.jaysalvat.com/ and http://goldfirestudios.com/blog/104/howler.js-Modern-Web-Audio-Javascript-Library I have read something about that the web audio is disabled in ios, anybody can help me to solve this problem by using some of this apis? Many thanks!
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