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  1. I think the movement could be better, yes - you can press and hold a movement arrow to go faster, but it's not as smooth as I want. Larger graphics would mean the maze would be smaller, unless you are having a huge resolution on your screen. Besides I'm not so super at graphics, it would take much time I believe. The portals (or yin yang signs) are really supposed to dissapear if you go into them from the wrong direction - it's a rule in the game. You can restart the level by pressing the Escape key. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the input I was thinking that my target audience would be people who liked strategic maze-puzzles (like myself), but of course, hard to figure out who is interested (maybe it's only myself - hehe). I will put Flash into mind. I've never tried that, but it might be fun to see what I can make of it.
  3. It's just something I made for the fun of it, as a hobby - I guess it's not advanced enough for this forum. It's not made for mobile devices, but if html5 is not the best solution, are you thinking of C# or C++? I am afraid I've never tried that before, I made it originally in Java. A friend of mine suggested I could port it to html5 as I was getting tired of Java, and he also suggested I made levels that would learn a player the objects "by doing" in stead of "by telling". I guess I've not succeeded in that.
  4. Works in Safari on my iPhone 4. A bit of a difficult game to me - I'm just not fast enough
  5. The address bar hides in Safari, but not in Chrome on the iPhone 4. At the 10 FPS it is a bit hard to control the "forcefield", the reaction time is low so it continued turning. The new graphics looks very good indeed! Maybe the "asteroids" are a bit too dark in colors to be distinguished from the background? But perhaps it needs to be seen on the mobile phone in action to be sure.
  6. I was using Chrome on my iPhone 4 as well as edrache. The add for Crime City shows up both in this and in Safari. Perhaps you use add-blockers or something?
  7. Works on my iPhone 4 as well. Frames goes from 10-25 FPS. Is the add for Crime City supposed to be there? it takes up a lot of the screen. Nice work
  8. Hi, thought you guys might like to know about a game I've fiddled with. This game is a retro maze-puzzle thing, build on a Boulderdash frame, but with other rules, graphics, and sounds. It has its own instructions about the new objects too. It is distributed under the MIT License ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License ), so if you like, you can use my messy code and any other files like graphics and sounds for your own projects - just remember to put me and anyone relevant on the credit list in your game. Link to game source code download: http://worldtree.dk/games/obstacles/ Play the game: http://worldtree.dk/olvorix/index.html