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  1. By using the new forum, you would get more answer.
  2. You must recreate it to continue the discussions on the new forum.
  3. It seems better that you ask your question on the new forum. Everyone has almost migrated there
  4. @Trevordev, I also think that the bounding box should have position, rotation and scale. The points make me think of a rescaling as on other software. It would take something in the middle of the bounding box (rotation arrow) that makes the rotation and the points for a resetting to the scale.
  5. Yes it is obvious, just the posts of this forum would be a good thing already.
  6. This new forum now belongs to Babylon. Are url is forum.babylon.com The forum is no longer hosted by others. I think that should not happen anymore. For the moment we have not lost any data.
  7. I remember at the very beginning that we had this forum, I had asked why, not having our own forum rather than having it hosted, to have total control and especially to be independent. We should have changed a long time ago with the growing popularity of Babylon and not depend on a forum hosting that should have been temporary.
  8. You can make a copy of your post here and copy it on the new forum eventually. For the backup, it seems that Deltakosh does not have access to the export of the backup in a .sql file which is the only method to retrieve a backup.It is a kind of file which create queries to insert enter into a database. However, I find that it is not very practical to have to search on a forum and then ask questions in another, but if we have to do with it, we must adapt to this new situation and recreate a new story about the new forum. This new forum is pretty cool, simple but very effective to
  9. Fine too. A kind of new page that is created. It is true that the transfer can create weird posts on the words in bold, italic, color, emoticon, block code...
  10. But if you want deltakosh, I can transfer everything from this forum to others with a little bit of work.I just need the SQL file of this forum and the architecture of the new one to create new queries in order to transfer everything. But if this forum is not going to disappear, that's good too, but I also agree with what Jerome says.
  11. @Deltakosh, It is possible to recover the SQL database on this forum, because in this case, we can with PHP put everything back on the new forum. It's something I'm able to do if needed.We would find all our posts on the new forum
  12. It lacks things that was helpful to this new forum. Like to mark all subjects as read. What was read and not read What are the online users? The fields for creating and replying to the message are very small. The external link create problems. for example PGs do not work properly. And I have not seen everything yet, I hope that there are solutions to this forum. I was good on this forum me.
  13. I'm divided. I like this forum by habit of use. But the other seems good too, but I do not know for me to pronounce with certainty. I would say that both of them are fine. It's not always easy to change one's habit. 😀
  14. The ideal would be to have a border color when we not have the focus and another border color when we have the focus. input.color = "black"; // No focus input.focusedColor = "grey"; // Focused; I saw in the code of PG: thicknessColor, but I think that does not exist. I did not see this property in the documentation. Maybe it was not added and it exists in the source code ?
  15. For more accuracy for correctors: The black thickness should be seen before we click in the inputText ? There, there is no border and when you click on the inputText, the border becomes black. Should not it be the opposite?
  16. Try to accompany a PG as much as possible to help with the correction.
  17. Header text does not start after the checkbox but on it. If we check a box, it comes back to normal. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#U9AC0N#70
  18. In fact the documentation is not up to date to take into account the changes for the scrollView All the PGs of this page have this problem. I saw that it is fix, but not yet send in the documentation site.
  19. Ok, so we have to clone all the recordings that we make ? I think it's something that should be indicated somewhere in the documentation, because it's not easy to know or not intuitive. Thank you Sebavan
  20. I explain the problem: I record a first camera position in a variable. Then I move the camera to compare in the state the new position of the camera and the variable in the old position. The problem is that the variable is reassigned in real time when the camera is moving, which I find very strange. The variable should not be changed. See in this PG and the console. Click once on the button to save the variable. Then move the camera, the variable changes all alone. So at the second click on the button, the alert is never reached, because the variable has the same value as the new pos
  21. This problem seems to be related to your other subject: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/41692-scroll-viewer-not-working/
  22. addToWindow has been renamed with addControl to match the other elements . But it seems that every letter goes to the line. This is the same problem that I had to report yesterday on the button, but that seems to be also on the scrollView PG with addControl : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3EF49E#6
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