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  1. Hello I'm having some issues with working with the aTextureCoord when writing custom filters for pixiJS ( Do any of you know by accident, how can I make the transforms so that I can work with the textureCoord as in a clean webGL environment?
  2. This is very under-budget, the trend is starting like 10 years ago with "small, simple websites". We all know how the reality looks
  3. This crashes on texture loading for me :/ Texture with key 'dancer_01' not found. phaser-no-physics.min.js:12:5251 TypeError: this._frameData is null
  4. Audiospritler + howler 2.0 beta + some tuning and you're set
  5. So long story short: spine2d ;]
  6. Latest game: 8 ball pool!/play/pocketpool
  7. If you run your tests with phantomjs be sure to use the bind polyfill:
  8. or for wrapping
  9. If you've updated to pixi3 you can simply make the background (or any container "below") interactive. By default the events propagate to other interactive containers. Just in case you don't want this you can use e.stopPropagation() on the object when you want to finish the even trigger.
  10. In Source Code we trust * @param [options] {object} The optional renderer parameters * @param [options.view] {HTMLCanvasElement} the canvas to use as a view, optional * @param [options.transparent=false] {boolean} If the render view is transparent, default false * @param [options.autoResize=false] {boolean} If the render view is automatically resized, default false * @param [options.antialias=false] {boolean} sets antialias. If not available natively then FXAA antialiasing is used * @param [options.forceFXAA=false] {boolean} forces FXAA antialiasing to be used over native. FXAA is faster, but may not always lok as great * @param [options.resolution=1] {number} the resolution of the renderer retina would be 2 * @param [options.clearBeforeRender=true] {boolean} This sets if the CanvasRenderer will clear the canvas or * not before the new render pass. * @param [options.preserveDrawingBuffer=false] {boolean} enables drawing buffer preservation, enable this if * you need to call toDataUrl on the webgl context.
  11. Nice! You should just make sure that the background music is looped - it goes silent around lvl 16 ;]
  12. You're adding new items to the map on each move - you should batch the whole level and then only update textures on the sprites that you know has changed (and to reuse the sprite object - not create new ones on top of it). You can use the spirte.loadTexture method for that, an example:
  13. And I'm still using this in all my projects: nobody loves this piece of code so I'm the only happy one, sitting alone in my fork..
  14. I like this
  15. Phonegap and the uiView aren't made for game wrapping - no hardware acceleration. Try CocoonJS Canvas+ (iOS + Android) or Ejecta (iOS only).