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  1. I'm a game developer, and I've been offered the chance to work on a number of games for a major brand. I'll be doing the game coding myself, but the project will require extensive Facebook and Twitter integration as well as a comprehensive leaderboard system (which will work across all the games). The project might also require some web development/website coding as well. I'll need someone to take care of all of that, so I can concentrate on the game coding. I'll need you to work closely with me with communication via email and Skype (when needed) to make sure the project is delivered to a h
  2. I found this via google https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/746 And I updated to the latest version of Phaser and it seems to have fixed the issue
  3. I'm working on a game which needs to destroy() sprites when they are not needed. The problem is when I do that it's causing this error during the game Does anyone have any idea what would cause such an error?
  4. Game development is a piece of cake, it's all the other stuff which slows me down. I looked at this page http://gruntjs.com/getting-started don't really get any of it, although I'm still new to JS.
  5. You mean this ? http://gruntjs.com/ ? that's looking a bit complex for me to use right now
  6. Is there reason why the file wouldn't decode at all on iOS? but does on desktop? it also played fine on iOS with phaser 1.1.3 but now I've upgraded it's not working.
  7. I'm hoping if a sprite is not being referenced from anywhere it's memory would be freed u anyway.
  8. Looking at the iOS sound debug info it seems to be stuck on decoding = false, and nothing changes.
  9. Kill doesn't cause it to crash, but what about clearing the gem from memory? I thought only by using destroy() it would free the memory up again?
  10. I'm trying to destroy a sprite like this gem.gem.destroy();Where the first "gem" is an object and the 2nd is the actual sprite. But when that is run in my game it's causing this error. I read elsewhere that there have been issues with using destroy and something to do with input handlers? but what could be causing the issue? any ideas?
  11. I've just sent you a PM with the games URL in it. I've put the audio debug on the screen. It plays and says the audio is ready on the Mac, but on iOS it doesn't and I'm not sure why that is.
  12. Hmm I just went to the play music audio phaser example on the iPad and I'm not hearing anything, plays fine though on the mac. *Update* Just tried it again and now it's playing the example so I'm presuming that was a connection issue. Does the iOS version play the .mp3 file or the .ogg file?
  13. MP3 It's the same file that played fine with the 1.1.3 version of Phaser.
  14. Thanks, I never knew you could do that. Right on the iPad/iPhone on loading there are no errors, but the music doesn't play. I just tested runpixirun and that ran fine, and their music played. The only msg I got from the iPad version was this which I presume is correct. I did get this error on both versions (and desktop) when I tap the screen. [Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this._bindings.length')dispatch (phaser.min.js, line 6)dispatch (phaser.min.js, line 6)_releasedHandler (phaser.min.js, line 9)stop (phaser.min.js, line 8)stopPointer (phaser.min.js
  15. How? and as well as that, what's throwing me is that it can work fine on Safari on the desktop but not on mobile, it even works differently from iPhone to iPad why is that? I thought it worked on one it would work on all, with perhaps just screen formatting differences between them.
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