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  1. Is there a way to change it from within a phaser game though? I'd like to be able to detect the device and then set the resolution and resources I want.
  2. Is there an easy way to change the resolution I want to use for my game? At the minute my game uses 1500x800 when I pass it to Phaser.Game. However on the mobile devices this is way too high. Is there a way I can change this value between devices easily?
  3. I think I need to change the resolution that my game renders at? I'm not too sure how i should go about this so help would really be appreciated!
  4. Hi, Does phaser support using different texture atlases with differing sizes? I exported two versions of my atlas at the scales of 1, 0.5 and the smaller one isn't scaled back up in my game. Excuse me if it's a stupid notion to expect that. I'm not certain if that's how I should go about saving my textures at a smaller resolution for mobile devices. Many Thanks!
  5. I'm using Chipmunk for my physics so I don't need any of them, the changes on group.destroy was what I needed :L I posted an edit in my original as to what the problem was but it was just me being dense!
  6. Is there any reason the new physics system would cause something from two weeks ago not to render anymore? If I put a log in my update function it still updates, but just looks like It doesn't render. All I've got is a black screen on my MainMenu with no assert messages. EDIT: Nevermind its just me being dense until I post on the forums again. I was still using to create groups I needed putting on the stage not the world.
  7. I've got it set to auto log in for now so I'll be about most days to try to help people!
  8. Hey! Just a quick question to see if calling game.destroy() is necessary on the window.onunload callback or if Phaser automatically calls that itself. I'd not seen it mentioned anywhere in the docs. Thanks!
  9. If in the preloader you get the logo object and store it somewhere you can get at it. You can use the .url property to get where you need it to link to. On the subject of the API, in the docs there is this paragraph. At the minute I'm getting the Zibbo branding but A10 is what I need to get. Does the paragraph above mean that it'll be sorted by them on the API level when I deliver?
  10. Cheers Rich, was there a reason they were omitted? Will they be changing in the future?
  11. Render textures don't have a function called renderXY anymore. I can't find it in my source either, is the functionality still there or is there a new way to do this now? Cheers!
  12. Can I ask if you managed to achieve this effect? It's something I need to do today so I'd like to know your technique Many Thanks!
  13. Yeah I've found full screen mobile but It doesn't seem to work for me. I put the CSS into my project and copied the Boot.js over but it still doesn't scale right. I could do with some info on how game.scale actually works.
  14. I'd still really like some help on this if anyone can. Thanks!