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  1. RT @notch: You can hurt my feelings all you want. You can even make games where men are in shape and have a full head of hair without "excl…

  2. You could always give our platform ( www.gamezyme.com ) a try
  3. I'm working on it personally (I've got to develop a construct 2 game first, to test it tho, it should be done within a week or so).
  4. Hello Everyone ! We are launching GameZyme's closed beta; we provide a wide array of services from an unified crossplatform api and backend; user authentication (social login, or email + password), player saves, global and social leaderboards, a domain whitelist to protect yourself from pirate portals, the ability to define game variables and retrieve them from the server (for example, this would allow you to change the amount of "player lives" across platforms, without pushing new binaries to the appstore/google play). The platform will have no cost for beta users until November 2016 (after that, we will move to a pricing structure similar to Digital Ocean's), the idea is to polish our current features, and develop features that you need. If you are interested, request beta access here: http://www.gamezyme.com/#request Also, you can download our Javascript SDK from Github: https://github.com/GameZyme/js-sdk GameZyme Javascript SDK Initialize To use GameZyme, you must have an account (sign in here), and a game set up on the dashboard. Then you just need to add the SDK and your game's public key to your HTML. You can get your game's public key in the Settings - Basic section of our dashboard. Example <head> <!-- Host it locally --> <script src="/js/gz.min.js"></script> <!-- Or Get it from an external source --> <!-- <script src="https://rawgit.com/GameZyme/js_plugin/master/dist/gz.min.js"></script> --> <script> var publicKey = "<YOUR GAME'S PUBLIC KEY>"; Gamezyme.init(publicKey, function(result) { // Connection suceeded console.log("Connected and ready!"); }, function(error) { // Something went wrong console.log("Something went wrong! \n" + "Error detail: " + error); }); </script> </head> Game Using the GameZyme's dashboard you can set variables that can be retrieved from your game in the Properties - Gamevars section. .getAllVars(callback) Retrieve all game variables set in GameZyme's dashboard. Example var gameVars = {}; Gamezyme.game.getAllVars(function(response) { gameVars = response.result; }); .getVar(key, callback) Retrieve a single variable set in GameZyme's dashboard. Example var key = "boss01_health"; var value; Gamezyme.game.getVar(key, function(response){ if (typeof response.error == 'undefined') { value = response.result; } }); Server .ping(callback) Get server Status Example Gamezyme.server.ping(function(response) { if (typeof response.error == 'undefined') { // everything's fine } }); Player These methods are related to the player's information. Here you can login, logout, save player data, among others. .forgotPassword(email, callback) Send an email to the player with the steps to recover his/her password. Example var email = "email@example.com"; Gamezyme.player.forgotPassword(email, function(response) { if(response.result === "success") { //Email sent console.log("Check your email to recover your password"); } }); .getData(callback) Gets the player's peristed game data Example var playerData = {}; Gamezyme.player.getData(function(result){ if(result.status === 'success') { // Successfully retrieved data console.log('Data retrieved'); playerData = result.response; } }); isLoggedIn(callback) Check if the player is already logged in Example Gamezyme.player.isLoggedIn(function(result) { if(result.response === true) { // This means the player ir already logged in console.log('Player already logged in'); } }); localLogin(email, password, callback) If a player has an account, use this function to login into your game. Parameters email and password must be Strings. Example var email = 'foo@bar.io'; var password = 'foobar'; Gamezyme.player.localLogin(email, password, function(result) { var error = result.error; if (error) { // Maybe there's an error with his email or password console.log(error.message); } else { // Player logged in successfully console.log(result.response); } }); .localSignUp(email, password, name, callback) Use this function to register a player with an email, a password and his/her name. All these parameters must be String Example var email = 'foo@bar.io'; var password = 'foobar'; var name = 'Scott C. Alves'; Gamezyme.player.localSignUp(email, password, name, function(result) { var error = result.error; if (error) { // Probably the player exists console.log(error.message); } else { // Player signed up successfully console.log(result.response); } }); .logout(callback) Use this method to logout the player. Example Gamezyme.player.logout(function(result){ if(result.status === 'success') { // Player logged out console.log('Player logged out'); } }); .me(callback) Retrieve information about the player. Example var player = {}; Gamezyme.player.me(function(result){ if(result.status === 'success') { // Successfully player info retrieved console.log('Player info retrieved'); player = result.response // Player's email console.log(player.email); // Player's identifier console.log(player.identifier); // Player's name console.log(player.name); // Player's typeIdentifier (local sign-up or facebook) console.log(player.typeIdentifier); // Player's profile picture (Only available if the player's typeIdentifier is "facebook") console.log(player.urlProfilePicture); } }); .openPopupLoginFacebook(callback) Open popup for Facebook login Example var btnLoginFacebook = document.getElementsById("fb-login"); btnLoginFacebook.onclick = function(e) { Gamezyme.player.openPopupLoginFacebook(function(result) { var error = result.error; if (error) { console.log(error.message); } else { console.log(result.response); } }); } .saveData(callback) Persist the player's game data Example var data = { currentLevel: 5, money: 3200, score: 5000, }; Gamezyme.player.saveData(data, function(result){ if(result.status === 'success' && result.response === true) { // Data saved successfully console.log('Data saved'); } }); Leaderboard In GameZyme we handle 2 type of crossplatform leaderboards: Global leaderboard and Friends leaderboard. Using these methods you can show both leaderboards. .getFriends(options, callback) Get the player's friends leaderboard (currently we only support Facebook friends) Example var options = { order: 'DESC' // This accepts only 2 strings: 'DESC' and 'ASC' }; Gamezyme.leaderboard.getFriends(options, function(result){ if(result.status === 'success') { // List retrieved successfully console.log(result.response); } }); .getGlobal(options, callback) Gets all players leaderboard Example var options = { limit: 10, order: 'DESC' // This accepts only 2 strings: 'DESC' and 'ASC' }; Gamezyme.leaderboard.getGlobal(options, function(result){ if(result.status === 'success') { // List retrieved successfully console.log(result.response); } });
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    I so failed to realize that there was a Intruction thread
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    Hello Everyone. First of all, I would like to personally thank every single one you for being pioneers in the HTML5 game development scene. I've had fun lurking and reading the interesting discussions surrounding gaming, technology and the industry that we've come to love, and hate at times (Mobile Safari I'm looking at you). But I noticed (or failed to find) a Introduction section on the forum, so I created this post to introduce myself: I'm Felipe Budinich, an indie game developer from Chile, I've been working on HTML5 games since 2011, most notably I managed to successfully kickstart and release a HTML5 game. I have left the company that released that game to begin my own journey. Currently I'm finishing and uploading to portals several prototypes I made before developing games for a living, most of them in AS3 (I'm checking which ones get more traction, in order to port them to HTML5), releasing the source code for all of them on my github at the same time (beware of awful code from 5 years ago, I was just getting started at the time). I'm also working on my own HTML5 engine, as I had been waiting for Phaser to be released, in order to make the jump from Impact, but Typescript put me off, as one of the things that I like the most about javascript is the low barrier of entry for new developers, but I think that adding another layer of abstraction on top is not the way forward (this is just an opinion, you are free to dismiss it). So, I'll try to be more active in the community, share code, knowledge, and have fun, now that I'm not wearing a corporate muzzle