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  1. > Is it safe to interrupt InteractionEvent and change it's .currentTarget and .target properties? Its on level "i wanna make interactionManager work like i want". Not safe, but required for many games PixiJS InteractionManager is often not enough, that's why, for example, we have separate TreeSearch class - people can override certain algorithms.
  2. You can do that. Almost all projection demos have that technique : https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-projection/basic.js , but you dont need projection as plugin, just look at drag&drop code. Also, I'm on vacation, so dont expect fast subsequent answer
  3. Well, usually, reason is that other libs or frameworks have this blendmode. Can you point me at the popular one?
  4. ivan.popelyshev

    SVG Sheet

    I did something like that with custom super-atlas , that put all SVG-s into same canvas and then on screen. Unfortunately its only for v4 and doesnt have demos (only one stupid, not svg) https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-super-atlas This is not easy problem, so if you want help - you have to wait when someone implements something like that fully for v5/upcoming-v6 , or you should post a demo that doesnt work for some reason. You shouldn't expect full solution for this nightmare in first answer
  5. Also, all your code is the same as adding container to stage, call it "Scene" and put everything inside. "scene.destroy(true)" should do everything
  6. Its much simpler than you think, you made stupid mistake somewhere. You can also look for used memory through SpectorJS, just take several separate snapshots
  7. It should work. please post the whole reproducible demo.
  8. Basically, you are doing many things that dont matter the only wrong thing that can happen to you: you add 12.000 graphics every tick , you remove them, you create new graphics and add it , right? in that case you have to destroy old ones. If its not the case - you have to check your textures, you made too many of them.
  9. It should work, code is correct. Please make minimal demo on jsfiddle, codesandbox, or somewhere else
  10. mousewheel works only on PC's. To scroll on mobiles you have to add pointerevents for multiple fingers, maybe @themoonrat knows how to do that
  11. I think the best way is to use your local pixi version and modify it according to that PR I sent
  12. OK, Florian, its strange that no one invited you to slack. I sent an invite, you can try pester SukantPal
  13. ok, now someone has to try change AbstractBatchRenderer that it actually spawns more IB buffers for packedGeometries. that might help. Unfortunately, im a bit indisposed right now (im on vacation) and i cant really do that. I asked in slack and it seems that we have no one who can experiment with it. Good news is that i actually have device in iOS14 to test, buuuuut , again, i dont know if i can afford to do it myself. Im really afraid of code right now, something psychological