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  1. i dont understand whats your problem please make a demo
  2. this, but pixi-layers is not actually required: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-layers/lighting.js add container + AlphaFilter, filterArea=app.screen add one graphics that covers everything with gray and alpha=50%, and another with blendmode ERASE to get rid of part of that shadow
  3. yes, hack FilterSystem, override push() function like i did in pixi-picture. though i think there's easier solution for your problem. Its just there's really no good way to do that - if there was, we could already add that layout in pixi! Of course, maybe people noticed it and didnt want to make PR...
  4. > I am using this function to convert a sprite into an rgba array. this function estimates sprite bounds, creates renderTexture, readPixels it. that means, if you have any transform on sprite - pixi has to render it shifted. There were so many of errors in those, that we really cannot guarantee the result. Alternative: you can do renderTexture creation, bounds estimation and readPixels yourself. My advice is to actually use good old getImageData on canvas with said image, like in code i provided.
  5. if you use that texture in a sprite that will be scaled 10 times, then yes, you need resolution 10 SVG is always pain when you work with it in canvas2d or webgl. So far no one made universal solution, there are always problems with scaling. As for border-radius, i think you can make minimal example of what you want for it?
  6. I see the upscale. Something is definitely wrong with your case. Remove the upscale problem and it should work fine. Please post minimal reproduction if you dont understand what is upscale
  7. > when I use alphaFilter that turns off antialias, you have to use MSAA ( available in webgl2!) like for circle here: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-picture/blend-modes.js alternative: use https://github.com/pixijs/graphics-smooth , it doesnt need antialias, it has huge-ass vertex shader
  8. The problem with Graphics inside a renderTexture is that it doesnt have antialias, you have to use tricks with new MSAA support (only in webGL2!) , like here for the circle: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-picture/blend-modes.js graphics-smooth is alternative - it uses mega-shader, its faster than antialias, but it has some problems on fills.
  9. Do you know about https://github.com/pixijs/graphics-smooth ? you can use it without antialias.
  10. There are many lines like that across pixijs open-source plugins It all depends on contributors and who needs that. If your project is commercial - you can add a bounty on it. Because its hell of a json, it has to be significant. That's what i found on opencollective: https://opencollective.com/pixijs/expenses/34728 , yes, that's the kind of work people have to do to make integration with Adobe Animate. Alternative: do it yourself and make a PR.
  11. Obligatory note: in WebGL this knowledge means you can have a huge salary, because its needed by many startups right now. This is huge. General suggestion: pixi-viewport + graphics + sprites , whatever you can use. Culling is usually on your side. You have to know how to sprites wor, you have to know how texture filtering works in WebGL and what are mipmaps. You have to know how graphics works in details, how is it translated to WebGL operations. If you dont know that - no guarantees. Regarding vector shapes in general, there are breakthroughs like https://github.
  12. btw maybe "text.resolution = scale" might work, but you have to look in Text sources anyway, and check if it calls updateText() when you change resolution
  13. if its not browser zoom: text is degrading, yes, you have to change its scale & fontsize accordingly because there's no public PIXI Text based on canvas2d that resizes automatically. I have one in private repo, but still cant public it, well, because of 10 other my pixi plugins if you need big zoom in, its possible to add SDF/MSDF to BitmapText with custom shader, but, again, I dont have it in public. The way you proposed is performance hell, resolution is not made for that. As for images - what's your exact problem? There are several and they depend on image size , wh
  14. t.me/hackerham but i dont know if i can actually help with that thing, i hate build problems
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