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  1. Necro-posting is making a comment to very old thread, its fine on stackoverflow, but on forums like that, when we switched 2 major versions of pixi after 2014, its better to create new one. Oh, right, previous message was at 2019 year, not so necro. so, why the answer in isn't enough?
  2. how exactly did you specify background? Also, white + anything = white for ADD blendMode
  3. Shame on you, necro-ing very old thread. There were threads like that not long ago, its possible but requires full invalidation of p[ixi v5 graphics object. You have to manually change "graphics.geometry.graphicsData" and call "graphics.geometry.invalidate()" . Note, that all the performance problems wil be your fault. Use spectorJS to debug, separate multiple graphics into several instances e.t.c. i really cant put it all in one message, its a very big topic.
  4. Well, you know how it is, from one side we are trying to make actual app examples and bring new API's to people, from other you can dig too and find something suitable for your case without our stuff.. One day it all will be easy
  5. Its possible. https://exponenta.games/games/map/ But its a huge work on optimizations.
  6. Yes, usual Pixi Graphics spams many objects if you refill it every frame if your polygons are always convex, or have the same trignaulation - you can use Mesh instead if "project" is just usual linear affine stuff - just change the transform of container. If you care about line width/height - use nativeLine or other (complicated) tricks to avoid projecting each frame.
  7. > Do you think ~3gb would be too much for some users Definitely. 700MB is big amount on its own. Yes, if you make 2x less area, it will take 2x less space. Think if you can actually use compressed textures too - but it depends on the type of your alpha. 1. try pack an atlas to DDS (dxt5) and see the difference 2. for DDS-ed atlas, make sure texture packer uses x4 coord divisor , because if an animation frames have different offset modulo 4 - artifacts will be animated . Its 16 bytes per 4x4 pixels, that's why.
  8. That's 2.9GB . OK, you can use compressed textures (DDS, PVR, Basis, all that stuff), that's 8 bit per pixel. >700MB anyway
  9. In videomemory, each pixel of RGBA costs 32 bits (4 bytes). Its not tied to the size of png file, its tied to dimensions of image
  10. OK, better idea: 1. install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/spectorjs/denbgaamihkadbghdceggmchnflmhpmk , 2. press on it while on page - it will reload 3. select FIRST CANVAS in the list of spector 4. capture one frame 5. see the attached picture 6. look in shader Now you have to find whether its ThreeJS or Babylon - looks like ThreeJS. Now find their code in obfuscated part of site - copy it. All those things are probably made with 3d animated model , it uses morphs.
  11. Oooooh i saw only clocks preloader Now I understand. Yeah, its either curved shader (medium) , either curved perspective like in https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-projection/quad-bi.js (super-hard) It wont be easy to make if you dont have experience with shaders. Lets separate it to two parts: 1. infinite scroll of small videos. 2. curved effect If you do first part, I can come up with something for second
  12. Sorry, but whatever graphics effect you awnt - its behind registration wall, I dont see it.