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  1. > I've installed pixi.js-legacy Usual problem: tow different versions of pixi, like, pixi.js 5.2 and pixi.js-legacy 5.3.3 . rm -rf node_modules , rm package.lock, npm install Also recommend to use 5.3.4, it has a serious bugfix. Im waiting for bigtimebuddy to release it today
  2. well, you learn Fabric from scratch, you learn PixiJS, then you understand whats different in the stage tree, make special adapters, ...
  3. the only redirection of events that pixi has - exists in TreeSearch class in interaction. Its where event goes through stage tree, from children to parents. Everything else you have to do yourself. Sometimes you can just override TreeSearch if default algo is bad for you
  4. Honestly its better for pixijs slack #shaders discussion, i sent you an invite.
  5. Its tricky but possible, here a few links for you to review first: This plugin allows to take background as input, if it was in renderTexture: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-picture , i think its possible to even take back from main screen with one trick, i didnt try it yet Big demo with layers and lights: https://codesandbox.io/s/tender-franklin-iycmu Usually, you make several layers in different renderTextures then combine them using sprite-blendModes, mesh-shaders or filters.
  6. Looking at https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Resources ... there's https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-ui in the list but im not sure if it has tooltips.
  7. if you dont closePath(), line wont be closed. Same in canvas2d, same in Flash.
  8. Last line is the cause: rectangle.lineTo(tileWidth / 2, -tileHeight / 2);
  9. OK, gonna help you in dayr or two I'll try to fix it in your example
  10. There's no difference. Might be slight different load on CPU (javascript).
  11. anyway, i invited you to pixijs slack , look at your email. Join #shaders and #show-and-tell
  12. You overcomplicated things. I dont know why do you need meshDimensions in first place. Why "translationMatrix * aVertexPosition/canvasDimensions" didnt work for you? At this point I have to ask you to make minimal demo
  13. My current approach for those thing is to build your own mesh with special AA shader I sent you an apology invitation to pixijs slack
  14. I read your question like "can this theoretical 200-hours job that requires knowledge of someone like @badlogic work? Is it possible"? Spend that time, let us see Maybe even stream it.