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  1. my app sometimes spawn thousands of them. Depends on the size and how you use them.
  2. this thing uses different cache, whether its webgl2 rendertexture, webgl1 texture obtained from another webgl1 context with AA, or canvas2d. Size of elements matters. There's also "runtime cache" that doesnt work at the moment.
  3. https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-projection/ just use container2d, map the quad to those four points and put all the elements inside it - it'll work
  4. > "try to figure out why i did this thing" Ivans braincracker challenge. Yeah, 3 years of work before I realized why we need exactly that architecture for plugin. and I always have problem with docs I just dont know how to explain this things without concrete questions.
  5. Here are lines: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/wu4-HcklTXNsrTiE6y9O7 requirements: proficiency with mesh & shaders.
  6. https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-blit/tree/master/examples build the plugin, host whole folder, open examples, debug wtf is going on there , try to figure out why i did this thing
  7. Alternative: use SVG or canvas2d to get whatever you want rendered in canvas, use Texture.from(canvas), use "texture.update()" whenever you modify that canvas. pixi-blit just helps to store those things in the same texture and increase performance of webgl part.
  8. 1. try run the demo. 2. try to understand how that code works. Its advanced stuff i use on my work to render flash shapes
  9. Make it false. Yes, there was example but i dont have time to dig where was it. Just code this thing and test it, its not hard.
  10. antialias:true in renderer params. If the quality is still bad or performance low - sorry, there's no way to do that thing in WebGL. Also, antialias doesnt work if you have any filters applied. You can try to use advanced technique i have here: https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-blit , only one guy was able to use it. The idea is that you have to cache all the graphics elements either in canvas2d either with webgl antialias. It also allows to use graphics inside filters. The limitation is size of rendered elements. I had to consult the guy for two hours before he was able to use this thing in his project.
  11. Do you count only one frame? PixiJS graphics works fast after filled first time. Lots of sprites with different tint in ParticleContainer should work fast too. Also, you used stroke() in context2d. Also, I dont know if you turned off antialias in webgl context.
  12. moveTo-lineTo-lineTo-arc/bezierTo If you want to modify existing polygons in graphcis, then you have to look how "graphics.geometry.graphicsData" works, what it contains, modify values there and call "graphics.geometry.invalidate()". Unfortunately there's no morph graphics in pixi
  13. Well, its closed circle. People who dont know how pixi loader and how webpack works need this syntax, and people who can debug this thing - dont want to make an article.
  14. Had you debug what exactly is passed there?
  15. Also you can use SpectorJS browser extension to see how exactly frame is formed in your case. You'll see all the layers and combinations with it.