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  1. You can either wait when someone like me or @eXponeta is available (~1 week), or you can read https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Creating-filters https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v4-Creating-filters and look code in https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-filters
  2. "position" is offset of whole graphics. graphics.drawCircle( Math.random() * app.renderer.width, Math.random() * app.renderer.height, 10, ) that's in local coords. If you draw circle in (50. 100) and your position is (10, 10) then circle will be at (60, 110). How to deal with that after the fact that you filled graphics with something? Well, you can take getLocalBounds(), calculate center of the thing and then subtract it from position. Usually people solve it differently: put coords in position, not in circle center. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Here: https://pixijs.io/bunny-mark/ select tag or brunch and press "GO" near it.
  4. Its good that you went to the source, you already know that all those things are done through readPixels. This operation is synchronous, it waits for data from GPU. Try not to call it more than once per frame. webgl readPixels is wrapped by in WebGLExtract class, instance exists in "renderer.extract", find it in docs. I recommend to do "renderer.extract.pixels(x,y,1,1)" just after rendering is done in your gameloop. Gameloop explanation is here: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Custom-Application-GameLoop Basically you need a handler with even lower priority than "render". If you call it in mouse event - there's no guarantee that you'll get that info. Another approach is to render your scene in renderTexture, then you can call extract any time. However, dont just use "extract.pixels(myContainer)" because that will try to render whole container no matter how big its bounds are. You can look inside that code, its actually using "renderer.generateTexture()" - if you copy it you can supply your region in that method. Extract plugin has no magic, except flipY and post-divide, you can do all those things manually if it turns out pixi implementation is not good for your task. If you want to make pixel-perfect interaction, it can be done without extract/readPixels, see https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Hacks#pixel-perfect-interaction , maybe parts of that code can help you too. Welcome to the forums!
  5. in v4 "baseTexture.mipmap=true" is default setting so it should work if you have pow2 texture. If not - well, pick your poison. Use pow2 size or don't make big downscales. Oh, right, Welcome to the Forums!
  6. That's an old gamedev trick, you will encounter it everywhere First you press the key, keydown is fired ONE time, then after 9 frames it start repeats. Try that with your keyboard here - hold A and look at how letters appear, there's pause between first and second.
  7. Extra info, what does mipmapping do: it scales down 2 times, then again 2 times, and obtains several "mip-levels" . then it samples the texture from levels depending on scale. Scale is determined through comparing "What coordinates of texture were asked in neighbour pixel shader". If we upload FAKE mipmap levels, we can see result like this: https://github.com/Busyrev/mipExploration , here we have curved space and its scaled in the center => mipmap is automatically switched there to next level (red), then next one (green) and so on. Manually scaling the texture and choosing sprite texture based on downscale also works! You have to use whatever you udnerstand and whatever is better for your case. Yes, it might be strange if you come from Web that now , in WebGL, you have to manage many other parameters: texture filtering, antialias, blendmodes, premultiplied alpha, gamma sRGB. Usually its managed automatically by browser, but that automatic managing can affect performance, and in WebGL world its significant, its all about performance. I'll have a talk in russian conference HolyJS about those things, I hope to translate it afterwards and use in other places too. I know that many people are smart enough to make their algorithms fast, but that kind of problems stop them just because they dont know specifics of WebGL switches and how big control they actually have, what responsobilities it raises.
  8. What's the size of image and what's the size of PNG? if PNG is power-of-two. then you can enable "baseTexture.mipmap=PIXI.MIPMAP_MODES.POW2" before it first renders then in case of big downscale (>2) it'll look better, it'll use those MIPMAP constants in webgl. If its not pow2 (512, 1024, 2048, e.t.c.) there are two ways: 1. make it pow2 - either scale either add more pixels at right-bottom, you can adjust "texture.frame" afterwards. 2. enable mipmap for webgl2 for any sizes: "baseTexture.mipmap = PIXI.MIPMAP_MODES.ON". It works only on webgl2 devices. In general, if you try big downscale in any WebGL renderer you'll have that problem. ThreeJS does resizing automatically. SUMMARY: its one of those things you have to know when you move your app to WebGL. There are others like that, for example: anti-aliasing, blending modes. DEMO: Try it here, comment the respective lines, switch to different modes: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/qWXxeV7e1KOyWayy6DLu5 . I know that even Google Skia webasm port has problems when you try to downscale "Google.png"
  9. @Aaron McGuire can you please try put that line before renderer/application creation? PIXI.settings.PREFER_ENV = PIXI.ENV.WEBGL
  10. Known bug. Two versions of pixi exist at the same time, renderers are registered in only one of them. "Remove package.lock and node_modules" helps.
  11. The difference is in number of vertices. We use either Sprite BatchRenderer if its small or "Graphics.renderDefault" for big number. That code will use "renderDefault" for all graphics, and you'll have that error always! PIXI.GraphicsGeometry.BATCHABLE_SIZE = 1; Make that number big enough - all your shapes will fit in batcher instead and it'll be ok. That narrows the code segment but i dont have iOS devices to test. Gonna call rest of the team on this. I think its possible critical issue, need to reproduce and fix it ASAP.
  12. Lets check newer, try 5.1.5 please? Can you also try to switch off filters? I mean dont use "filters = [ stuff]" , that's enough to check.
  13. you should switch from just "keydown" to setting FLAG to true on keydown and setting it to false when its up. In update, if flag is true - move the tank. When I press "W" tank moves a bit, then autorepeat starts, like in old NES tetris. Im not a hyper-tapper
  14. Dropbox has traffic/requests limit. Also you can just specify "import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js" in every file, you dont need plugins, right?