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  1. Hello and Welcome to the forums! Yes, its possible with an effort. I think that one will be interesting for you: https://github.com/eXponenta/pixi5-playables-boilerplate , you could find it from https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Boilerplate . It even has base-84 encoding or something like that spine-related snippets can be found at https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-spine/tree/master/examples
  2. Sorry, its more coding problem than pixi, you have to wait for someone else to answer Someone who can teach you both basic js lambdas stored in array and what is a "tween"
  3. Hello and Welcome to the forums! You have to put "app.render()" in setInterval too, and specify "{autoStart:false} " on start. Please read this article about gameloop: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Custom-Application-GameLoop Dont forget to remove old tree from stage. Also after you add 1000 trees - it will draw 1000 trees every time you call render(). You can try to work with pixi like with drawer that doesnt clear() between frames, but.. its not guaranteed in webgl that your stuff wont be erased between frames If you want to store previous state of canvas - use RenderTexture.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums! Your question is behind the scope of PixiJS library. You have to learn how to do multiplayer games with canvas2d first. Look at that html5 canvas tutorial: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-build-a-multiplayer-browser-game-4a793818c29b Or that phaser tutor: https://gamedevacademy.org/create-a-basic-multiplayer-game-in-phaser-3-with-socket-io-part-1/ There are many others, I can give you more if you go through those two first. If you want my honest opinion - by your question I can deduce that you know nothing about multiplayer and even "what is server". At the same time, multiplayer is harder than physics and graphics, it requires much more experience in coding. Are you sure that you want to make a multiplayer game without learning how to do good graphics & physics first?
  5. Yeah, wiki is not advertised properly, but its the only place I can add stuff fast, without commits and reviews
  6. You can also post the demo fully . What if you ue not electron but nwjs? @jonforum uses it for his projects with projection.
  7. Electron is problem on its own. If you cant get me more debug info - yes, you should just use 2d. I cant even recomment to try SpectorJS in your electron app because i dont know how to install it there.
  8. try it in dev. pixijs.download/dev/pixi.js or pixijs.download/dev/pixi-legacy.js If it doesnt work, please post the demo, because there are so many bugs with masks and there were so many fixed, I really dont have idea what can be wrong in your case. Yes, there can be a problem with bounds and moving stuff for extract. If switching to dev doesnt work - I recommend to render it in texture and then use extract, like i mentioned here: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/6498#issuecomment-604397290 (referenced in pixijs wiki, so its a valid doc) Nice picture btw!
  9. Have you looked at https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/CMKvgOt-bvlCG4QHdswIP ? If your problem is scale, you need webgl derivatives (dx dy), @eXponeta had examples for them.
  10. The fact that you have to learn things from "real" 3d renderers first doesnt mean pixi is worse than that and its better use threejs directly for Cube. If you ned PixiJS and only a few easy 3d effects - pixi-projection is better than trying to merge pixijs + threejs in one app (btw , i did that many times!). The real achievement of that plugin is that 2d and 3d API's co-exist, its very hard to do that. Usually when 3d elements are added, things become VERY hard. Usually 2d projects are completely ruined by it.
  11. Hello, and Welcome to the forums! Yes, that old demo is from my old fork. Yes, those experiments became pixi-projection later, it doesnt require fork anymore. Unfortunately, if you dont have experience with 3d transform and cameras like in ThreeJS - I cant explain it in a few sentences You have to learn 3d transforms in real 3d engine first, its natural that we dont have explanation for common things - only a few people use the plugin. If you dont like that state of things - you can affect it by making an article after you get That's why its still experimental - why do I have to do all that stuff if people dont help enough? I improve it in places those users need. @jonforum made so many requests for it , and math became much easier because of him! Pixi-projection deals mostly with sprites, so you have to make 6 sprites. I think for each side you need a Container3d that rotates your coord system in correct direction (X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, Z-), then add a Sprite3d there with Z-axis shift. The other problem is how to sort those sprites. From one point of view, you can just go low-level and enable WebGL single-side rendering. From another - you can just sort those sprites by their calculated normals, of course if you know what normal is and if you trace where is it stored in projection worldTransform after element updateTransform() calculates it. I can make cube demo later.. tomorrow... or in week.. or in two weeks... or in a month, you know it, im lazy, no guarantees. You can ask @jonforumto do it instead
  12. Hey! Were you successful in creating your wrapper? I'm of the assumption it was going to be faster than HernanZh's?




  13. Thanks! Yes, that's a good start. I recommend to go through webglfundamentals or webgl2fundamentals anyway. We want to make pixi-version of those tutorials, because pixi has all that low-level and its easier to use than plain webgl but we dont have enough demos Regarding filters - they are mostly for processing rectangles, and the real usage usually works with multiple steps. Usually its blur-based: Glow, Bevel, DropShadow. PixiJS so far is the best thing for it and two projects use them for fullest: https://beatflyer.com/ and phase.com Unfortunately I dont have available demos for multi-pass filters, usually people try to make their versions of blur/glow after looking through pixi-filters repo. Look in Dropshadow for that.
  14. You can post non-working demo here if you make one, I'll help