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  1. Thanks a lot. It's sad that groups don't have this functionality. I did some sort od handle for group and update group position based on the handle... Will work for now. Thanks
  2. Hi, Is is possible to drag many objects at once? Together? I would think that putting all sprites into one group and adding drag to the group would work, but drag doen't work on groups... Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Ok, It all works now with remote URL. thanks a lot for the help!
  4. I found this: text: function (key, url, overwrite) { if (typeof overwrite === "undefined") { overwrite = false; } if (overwrite || this.checkKeyExists(key) == false) { this.addToFileList('text', key, url); } return this; },So key is first and then URL. But even when I changed that, it still doesn't work for me :/
  5. Hi, Thanks for a quick replay. I keep getting error: "'(whole disk path)/someData' 404 not found" I placed the file but Phaser is looking for a file under Tag name?... Not sure what's going on. If I place file name in both places: game.load.text('/my/file.json', '/my/file.json');There's no error... Do you have an idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  6. Hi, I need to get JSON file from local folder or/and server and parse it in my game. If there a function to do it?
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