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  1. It's irrelevant whether that's his first post or not. Also, not everyone looks at the dates. If old topics were'n meant to be resurfaced they would be automatically locked after a given time, like Reddit. You and Neoprofessor posted your links in March 2014, 6 months after the previous post from November 2013. So I don't see the problem here.
  2. @acccgovau Nurofen still playing advertisements claiming targeted pain relief products?

  3. @Chain__Reaction Site says no EU 46 :'(

  4. Those are really ambitious Ozdy I plan to make at least one game a month, but with final year uni I doubt that's going to happen!
  5. JCHTML5 1.4.1499 is out. Emails were sent out yesterday but may have been marked as spam. Please check your spam folder! New Features in 1.4.1499 Added support for theme-colour in Android Chrome lollipop (Inside index_template) Option to lock the game to browsers only, hopefully preventing people from wrapping your HTML5 game and publishing it on the app stores (experimental) Game now waits for correct rotation before going to next room You can now have your game run in both orientations Un-ticked "Use built-in particle sprites" (this is new in GMS). The particle sprites don't export by de
  6. Nice art! Crits - The menu buttons could be jazzed up a bit, they don't have any animations! - It also wasn't immediately obvious what the ghost did. At first I thought it gave my a big boost upward (because that's what happened). So I kept trying to hit it until I died. - The game definitely needs a tutorial. - I was hit by a sword and jumped out of the map even though I had a heart left
  7. JCHTML5 uses external javascript. The Mobility Engine uses internal javascript (the javascript is executed directly in GMS) which has some drawbacks. In it's inception, JCHTML5 was originally going to be an iOS/Android engine (Juicy Engine), but instead became a HTML5 framework. So my engine works extremely well with platforms other than HTML5. For example, the saving and loading system automatically switches to ini files if the game is not played on a browser. I actually recommend my customers use the Windows export to create the majority of their game. It shows errors, and compiles faster
  8. Great to see this finished, looks awesome!
  9. Visit the website Already have JCHTML5 Pro? You can still spread the love Retweet JCHTML5 1.4.1451 update is out New features/changes in 1.4.1451 Manual has been updatedManual includes Quick start guideNEW! TweenersUpgraded TweenGMS (now uses Marketplace version, but without marketplace)Improved custom tweening scriptsCenters the game better on mobile devicesImproved storage systemYou can now let desktop act like a mobile (to test rotation image)Domain locking supports md5 hashesjchtml5_get_scroll_x (and y) to return the scroll position of the browser windowNew scripts for stopping soun
  10. Thank you. Written very respectfully. This was the first time I had worked with this artist, so now I know what we are capable of we are definitely going to look at creating something new. We did get requests to add features to the game by sponsors. Student loans is hardly a 'sob story', it's hard to live without money! There are other ways, I recognize this, but nearing the end of semester the fastest way to make some cash is unfortunately reskinning. It helps if you're too busy to freelance or other. Definitely did not take it as an attack. I understand this, however the game I reski
  11. I didn't say that made it acceptable. I also didn't say cloning is more profitable. I only said it is profitable. I always learn from each game I make. I do not regret making Hedges, it's what I'm still most proud of I'd say, but it doesn't pay the bills. I haven't stopped making original games. If I'm stealing, then send me to jail. You can't copyright game ideas. I don't have the time to make more huge games like Hedges right now. But if I can make money while I'm busy with games like Fly Trap, I'll feel more at ease spending more time on original games when I have more time. Thanks. I
  12. But you have cloned games. How old does a game have to be for clones to be okay? No, you haven't. You already have the success and the money. You don't go to uni. You make games for a living. You have all the time in the world. I don't. FlappyBalt was apparently made during a Flappy Bird jam, which means the entire purpose of that jam was to make a game similar to Flappy Bird. There isn't that many differences between the two. So when does 'inspired by' become 'cloned'?
  13. Thank you. Your post started out fairly nice, but ended on a really hard note. Let me address it Yes, the game is pretty much a re-skin, but not directly of FlappyBalt. There is a slightly different spike mechanic with FlappyBalt and Fly Trap. Fly Trap is much more similar to "Don't hit the spikes". Of course the similarities are overwhelming. I'm not denying this. I don't feel proud of the mechanics, I don't feel proud of the idea, but I do feel proud of the level of quality/polish that it came out with. Cloning/Reskinning isn't what I wanted to do when I got back into the game/HTML5 s
  14. Thanks Update! Released on iOS! https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/fly-trap/id925229621?mt=8
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