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  1. Thanks for your work, krzysztof-o. It is very useful for me to automate this processes with grunt
  2. Hmm, and what about var f = t.font;f.fill = '#FF0000';t.setStyle(f);If not, try to dig into - this is prototype for Phaser.Text;
  3. Hello, try var f = t.font;f.fill = '#FF0000';t.font = f;
  4. Hello, I need some help. I want to draw something on BitmapData and add it to the stage. I've tryed this code (it's "create" function of my state): this.backBMD =,;this.backBMD.strokeStyle('#fff');this.backBMD.beginPath(); this.backBMD.moveTo(0, 0);this.backBMD.lineTo(100, 100);this.backBMD.add(new Phaser.Sprite(, 50, 50, 'ball_blue'));, 50, this.backBMD);I draw a line and add sprite to my bitmapData. Then I add it as a sprite and see nothing on my canvas. However, this code is working fine:, 50, 'ball_blue'); Is it correct approach, or I've made some mistake? Thanks, in advance.


    Hello, html5 game developers! I'm web developer and interesting in gamedev. In particular, hrtml5 games are usefull for me to learn JS more deeply. I think this community will help me, and hope I could help too. Let's start to develop games Unortunantly, I'm not so good in English and hope this won't impede.