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  1. @jeffrey_way @Carlos_Garcell I was sold to vuejs until I discovered ionic. Now seems a little redundant to learn 2 front-end frameworks.

  2. Hello all, I'm trying to make a "game" in which you drag sticks from a pool and you position them on the screen. (I'm basicaly creating a cuisenaire program). The sticks have to be restrained in the underneath tilemap and also cannot overlap with each other. Every stick has a sprite.input.enableDrag(); sprite.input.enableSnap(30, 30, true, true); So it can be draggable. Also, I whenever the user drags a stick from the pool, I clone a stick there so he can drag another one later on. How can I instruct phaser to watch for collisions between all sticks? If I put them on a group, I l
  3. I would like to see a hotseat/ realtime boardgame in order to see illustrated things like turn order, game states and stuff.
  4. Hello all, Is it possible to align a group to the center of the stage? I have a series of buttons that comprise the locked and unlocked levels of my game. Because the number of levels is arbitrary (as for now) is it possible to determine the width of the group in order to align it to the stage?
  5. Do you use masks? If you have a mask applied to a group, that group acuires some members that are not sprites...
  6. In which format do you export an animation in shoebox? I tried js/xml but I couldn't import it anyhow?
  7. Yeah, that could be done that way but it looks cubersome if you want for example to animate multiple properties or something. Wouldn't be nice to have the tween accept an object for the parameters you want to use in the callback functions? something like tween.onComplete.add(foobar, this, {obj: mySprite, var1: val1, var2: val2}); and then, on the foobar function function foobar(attrs){ var obj = attrs.obj; var myCustomValue = attrs.val1 etc,,, } That would be very helpful I think.
  8. Yeah, but I should pass a variable (the teleport x/y/whatever) to the foobar function. Is this possible?
  9. Hello, Is it possible to tween an object, run a function, and then tween again in a sequenced fashion? What I want to achieve basically is to tween a sprite out of the stage, teleport it to certain x/y and tween it again back to stage... Thank you.
  10. This can be achieved using masks. As it appears phaserjs supports them
  11. This example uses world bounds, we can see the sprite exiting the "world" and the "teleportation" happens when the player is completely out of the scene. If the "world" was not taking the full width of the screen, how could we create the same hiding effect to the sprite?
  12. Hello, How can you implement a pacman like behaviour without using worldbounds? Say that I have a 5x5 grid in the middle of the stage. Whenever a sprite exits the grid I want it to 'wrap around '. I could do something like tween a sprite till the end of the gridteleport it just outside the other side of the gridtween it to its destinationBut this would seem like a glitch in the teleportation part. It would be nicer to have the grid simulate the game bounds and if a sprite exits the stage , the teleportation to the other side would be transparent. This effect could be achieved using a m
  13. Hey Cameron, I tried tweening the sprite.body.x and y but nothing happens. In the documentation I read that these properties are readonly. After that, searching in the api I found that sprite.body.sprite.x can animate something but the collisions aren't there...
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