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  1. Does anyone have any issues using phaser with some other plugin or API? I'm using phaser+Samsung API and seems Phaser is overlapping the TV Keys. An evidence at first glance is that is not given the correctly key from Phaser to TV, so that I can't handle it. Just to share that situation using Phaser and 3rd part libraries.
  2. thanks for your reply, works perfectly!
  3. That was my solution, just as rich says about using group, you can do a class extending a group as well: function HUD(game, parent, name, useStage) { Phaser.Group.call(this, game, parent, name, useStage); //Your elements here.}; HUD.prototype = Object.create( Phaser.Group.prototype);HUD.prototype.constructor = HUD; ----------- I don't know how to set the current focus to the group.
  4. How to create a class extending group? My intention is to create a popup class that extends group. The idea is to put all sprites, buttons to the group so that I can handle it. I've done something like that but it doesn't work. Popup = function(game, parent, name, useStage){}; Popup.prototype = Object.create( Phaser.Group.prototype);Popup.prototype.constructor = Popup;
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