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  1. Cool stuff, thanks so much for sharing! Do you have any side-by-side performance comparisons? I'm working on a game with a large map that could definitely use a boost, but I'd love to see it in action before committing to switching over to the plugin.
  2. Hi All, The PBS Digital team is looking for a full time mobile developer with experience in iOS, Android and HTML5 games to join our team. This person will do a lot of work with the app and mobile game developers that make our PBS KIDS games in the app stores and on mobile web, which is why I wanted to let everyone here know about the gig. I've copied the job description here, you can find it and the application form at the link below. ------- Mobile Developer DEPARTMENT: Revenue Strategy & Ventures STATUS: Temporary/Full-Time (12 month assignment) **The individual selected for this role will not be directly employed by PBS. The incumbent will be hired by Maslow Media Group and assigned to work on this project for PBS. JOB OBJECTIVE: PBS Digital is the group behind,, and PBS mobile apps. The Internet is our playground and mobile devices are our new toys. The Mobile Developer, working with the General Audience and KIDS tech teams, is the engineering support behind numerous mobile products with immense scales of national distribution. We are on a mission to create content that educates, informs and inspires the American public. Core to our culture is unbridled creativity and the pursuit of perfection in software craftsmanship. Come impress us and we’ll return the favor! ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Review vendor code to enforce readability, security, performance optimizations, and conformance to Apple/Google store guidelines Manage external quality assurance vendor resources Evolve build automation, package management, and performance profiling practices Facilitate app deployment to internal teams and technical QA vendor Work closely with products and design teams to develop iOS applications from conception to launch Lead rapid prototyping and development of internal mobile projects Manage the build reusable iOS components for interfacing with PBS services Stay informed of emerging mobile technology landscape, architectures, and trends WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: At least 2 years’ work experience, to include: Strong background in mobile development Extensive object-oriented programming experience Experience both building and consuming RESTful APIs TRAINING/EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree in a related field, or equivalent combination of education and work experience SKILLS/ABILITIES REQUIRED: Firm grasp of mobile first web practices Familiar with distributed version control (Git, Hg) Familiar with Apple/Google/Amazon store submission processes Familiar with TestFlight SKILLS/ABILITIES DESIRED: Mobile development (Android, iOS) Google Analytics and Flurry Analytics SDKs Mobile game development frameworks (GLKit, Cocos2D, Sparrow) Other platforms (Unity, Air, Cordova, Kivy, Corona) Automate build tools (Gradle, Maven, Ant) Package management tools (CocoaPods) Contributions to open source projects (Github, Google Code) HTML5 development for mobile web and app deployment PBS is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D
  3. I work for PBS KIDS Digital, and we are looking for some individuals or companies to work with us on some HTML / CSS / JS / Canvas / SVG stuff. The homepage of our portal has some fun interactive elements we call "themes". If you look at the homepage today (31/3/2014) on a modern desktop browser, the "theme" is the desert area with animated cars. We have a couple of others that rotate daily, so if you look on another day it could be different. The area these themes reside in could hold any number of experiences that have nothing to do with what you see right now. We want to collaborate with people who enjoy making fun web experiences to expand our library of themes. Here's some info about the gig: Who we are: PBS KIDS is the kid focused wing of the US public television broadcaster PBS, which is similar to BBC, CBC, NHK, etc. My team does the game, web, app, streaming video and other digital work. Type of themes we're looking for: We have a ton of ideas and are open to hearing new ones. We've prototyped things like sticking our characters in spaceships then putting them in a JS physics engine and letting them bounce off the page elements. The main thing it needs to do are: be useable by kids, feature our characters, scale down to static elements on low powered devices and be fun. Payment: We're open to discussing this on a project basis or as hourly work with a predefined number of maximum hours. We can work with international developers, though there are some requirements we have for payment we'd have to check on. When: We want to start right away. We have immediate work that needs to be done, but this relationship would hopefully extend over a long period of time as we are constantly improving our site. Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, Canvas and SVG are the basics. We're open to whatever JS libraries best fit the need at hand and have experimented with physics engines and game engines on the homepage. Devices: This page gets around 60 million views per month, so the list of devices people visit on is basically endless. We target as many as we can for testing, including all major desktop browsers, iOS Safari, and a selection of Android browsers. We always specify our testing needs with developers ahead of time. Responsive Design: Our homepage adapts to the browser size and technology of each user. Source control: We use Git and prefer to work with that. Deliverables: HTML, JS, CSS and assets for themes that are ready to be integrated into our custom CMS. The code has to be clean and easily expanded as we're constantly improving our site and fixing new bugs introduced by browser makers. Working with us: We take pride in pushing web technologies to make awesome stuff for kids, and love working with people we can learn from. The primary people on this project are myself, Chris and Miguel. The team works in 2 week Agile style sprint cycles, and does code reviews often. If it works out that this project could work in sync with that process that would be cool. If you'd like to find out more send me a note!
  4. Anybody headed to SXSW Interactive? I'd love to talk to any HTML5 game developers who have experience doing mobile web games or apps that are attending.
  5. Fun game! Would love to play a bigger desktop version where you can shoot using a key rather than mouse swipe.
  6. ECS is great for bigger games with a lot of reusable logic. ECS is also great if you're going to be making a lot of similar games that you want reusable code for. The 2D tile game framework we've worked on at my job uses ECS. We've made a few games with it and have learned several things worth sharing: - It's a bit of a steep learning curve. - In my experience, you need to spend more up front time planning and architecting a new project when using ECS. - It's great for making several similar games. If you break you component logic down to the smallest possible logic, it really makes things easy to reuse. Here's our game framework. There are a lot of example components provided that might be helpful to look at if you're thinking about how you might architect a 2D tile based game. Cheers
  7. I've done some work to make a generic example of this. The basic question still is, should each Tile object have the properties set in the editor (Tiled in this case) on the tilesheet? Am I attempting to access the Tile properties correctly? Example: Open the dev console and note that I've logged a TileMap.TileSet.tileProperties array. You can open this up and see that the tile map has properties set on several tile types such as the mushroom, coin, floor and empty sky. If you click on any of these, the console will log the tile object of the tile clicked. If you inspect the "properties" object of the tile, nothing will be there. I would expect the tileset properties to get transfered to these tiles so they can be manipulated, but perhaps I am mistaken. Is there another way to set properties on individual tiles in Tiled that is the preferred method? Here is the source: <html> <head> <script src="js/phaser/phaser.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update }); function preload() { game.load.tilemap('mario', 'assets/tilemaps/maps/super_mario.json', null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON); game.load.image('tiles', 'assets/tilemaps/tiles/super_mario.png'); } var map; var layer; var p; var cursors; var marker; function create() { game.stage.backgroundColor = '#787878'; map = game.add.tilemap('mario'); map.addTilesetImage('SuperMarioBros-World1-1', 'tiles'); layer = map.createLayer('World1'); layer.resizeWorld(); marker =; marker.lineStyle(2, 0x000000, 1); marker.drawRect(0, 0, 16, 16); console.log("TileMap.Tilesets[0].tileProperties") console.log(map.tilesets[0].tileProperties); } function update() { marker.x = layer.getTileX(game.input.activePointer.worldX) * 16; marker.y = layer.getTileY(game.input.activePointer.worldY) * 16; if (game.input.mousePointer.isDown){ var currentTile = map.getTile(layer.getTileX(marker.x), layer.getTileY(marker.y), 'World1'); console.log("Phaser.Tile Object"); console.log(currentTile); console.log(" - attemting to access property \'type\'"); console.log(; } } </script> </head> <body> <div id="phaser-canvas"></div> </body></html>
  8. I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out tile properties in 1.1.5. My understanding is that each tile in a map has an individual set of properties, which can be set in the tile map editor such as Tiled. Here's what I'm doing, screenshots are of Tiled and my game objects being output to the Chrome developer console. I set the properties for each tile in the tileset in Tiled In my game, I can then see the tile properties at the Phaser.TileSet.tileProperties object, which I did not find on the documentation. But the tile properties are not available for each Phaser.Tile object Are the tile properties from the tile set not supposed to transfer to each individual tile object? I would like to be able to change the values for the properties on each tile as the game is played, so if not I suppose I'll need to set this up myself. Thanks!
  9. Well done! Are you using an engine or framework?
  10. I haven't checked out Ejecta either, I'll definitely have to look into it. Thanks!
  11. Sweet! I just looked up the Fast Canvas project, seems cool. Do you know what HMTL5 game frameworks can use it? (Phaser, Cocos2D-HTML5, etc)
  12. Ah yes, I was meaning that I wish that they had replaced the web view used by Cordova with Chrome. At my work we have a lot of users with older tablets that aren't upgrading quickly
  13. I believe DAME editor may be able to do those things. It's an AIR app and claims to work on Linux.
  14. I wish they would replace the default Android Webkit web view with a Chrome one. That would definitely get me interested.
  15. Are you using any open source software for the multiplayer server? Or is it all custom written?
  16. Nice game! Would love to see more types of consumable objects and obstacles (flying jets?) as you build more.
  17. Can't wait to play! I'd love to know about the server technologies you're using to support multiplayer with Phaser.
  18. This is a tough one. While most tile map implementations probably don't need it, some do. For instance, I've written a digging game where the dirt tiles can take an arbitrary amount of damage, meaning I needed to track dirt tile "health" for each and every tile. The framework I used tracked tile properties on the tileset tile only, so I had to implement a tile data solution myself. Callbacks on the individual tiles would have made this much easier for me, data for the indivisual tiles even easier than callbacks. I don't think that most tile maps will need this, so if you think the overhead will hurt performance, I would not add this for every single tile. That said, if it could be something you could optionally turn on if needed, that might be a nice compromise if people think this is necessary.
  19. Sorry, I need to give a clarification here as I was mistaken on exactly what is possible. If you have an iOS dev account and have a device you have managed iOS versions of using iTunes and XCode, you can reset the iOS device os to an older version of the OS only if you haven't upgraded it to iOS7. If you have a new iOS 7 device or an old device you've upgraded to 7, you have to jailbreak. The way they currently manage iOS versions at my work is by not upgrading past the point of no return. So, for new devices or older ones that have already been upgraded to new iOS, it looks like you might have a tough time doing it. Sorry for the confusing answer, last time I did it was a while back before Apple took away this capability.
  20. Yes, I have done it, though it has been over a year. The guys at my work do it all the time and confirmed it is still possible, and pretty simple
  21. Have you used the iOS device management Apple provides in XCode? If you have an Apple Developer iOS Account ($99/year) you can manage the iOS version of your device using XCode. You do it from the Organizer window (sorry, couldn't quickly find the guide on installing old iOS versions)
  22. I've had trouble with this as well. My problem ended up being multiple Tilesets, not multiple layers. My solution was to combine the Tilesets for both layers into 1 bigger Tileset that is used for all layers in the Tiled map. This allowed me to get multiple map layers to work. It sounds like there is a way to do it with one Tileset per layer, which would be great. Let me know if you figure that out.
  23. Here is a tool for generating audiosprites and the associated time data in an automated way. I've found it quite useful.
  24. Two of the three are 3rd party publishers (Kongregate and Ruckus), and Nickelodeon is an original IP publisher.
  25. Nice job, I really loved #3 as well! I'd love to see updates as to how your dev process and tools evolve as you progress through the year.