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  1. Ok, I played this a bit, and I quite like it. I think it's a bit unclear (or feels a bit unfair) about how the CPU captures you (I get that it's turn based and the CPU is second) but because it updates instantly it doesn't feel like you've got a chance to realise your mistake. Similarly, it's not obvious how you capture the CPU - I managed it once, by chance I think separating the turns might help making this clearler. Nice game tho!
  2. Thanks both - when I looked again I realised my click wasn't actually working in the way I'd described... I think this is such an odd use case that actually trying to rework PIXI is not the correct approach...
  3. This is going to sound a bit silly... I've got two sprites; one has a mouseclick event listener, the other has a mouseover event listener. The second sprite (mouseover) has to be under the first (mouseclick) but, I *really* want the mouseover event to still fire. Is this possible? (I've got another sprite under the first, which also has a mouseclick event listener, and on click, they will both fire, but the mouseover I'm having less luck with!)
  4. Typically, I couldn't get that working immediately, and I've got limited time on this project until next week. Do you know when it's likely to be released?
  5. Apologies for the dunce follow up, can I install the dev branch via NPM?
  6. I'm trying to create a PIXI Rope with animation. I've put my textures into an array, and was trying to set the texture by setting it directly. strip.texture = textures[n]; But, whilst the texture updates, it doesn't work properly - not updating for every value in the array, and only being correct on the first texture. Is it possible to create a Rope with animation? And, if so, how can you do it?
  7. Hi, I've read through quite a lot of posts about masking, and I'm still a little unclear. I have been able to successfully use a mask with either another Sprite or a Graphics. But, I read that masking using a Sprite won't work if webgl isn't available, and I am using PIXI legacy to cover that as a possible target platform limitation. So, the question is: is masking using Graphics universally supported? Thanks, Charlie
  8. Just in case anyone comes here for information - using sound sprites actually works much better for loops, probably for the reasons relayed in the above posts.
  9. Thanks @Exca that's really useful stuff.
  10. hmmm thanks, on testing m4a (I was using mp3 deliberately as I know it performs worse) that does work better, but it's not seemless and peformance between browsers is a bit variable too. I think what this means is I'll need to work on a different way of organising my sounds :S
  11. I was just working on a test, using PIXI sound with an MP3 loop. The issue is there's a small pause before the loop re-plays, meaning it doesn't really loop properly. The loop is currently repeated by calling a replay function in the onComplete parameter in the options, but I get the same result if I replace that with loop:true (I expect that under the hood it works the same way, but I didn't check yet.) This isn't exclusively a PIXI sound issue, I remember having the same problems with MP3s in Flash - so what I'm really interested in is ideas to work around the issue?
  12. I had a similar issue, I was (and am) using webpack - but I'm not sure I'm working in the same way as you (I'm not using require in my project) I hope this helps:
  13. Ok multi pointers as a feature it is then!
  14. Hi, I'm just working on a drag & drop demo, which is working prety well - but, when testing on a touch device, I realised I could drag & drop more than one item at a time. This may be a feature I want to keep, but, I wasn''t sure how I could remove it if I didn't. In Phaser, it's possible to set maxPointers, but in PIXI I'm not sure - I've had a look through the interaction manager docs, and didn't see anything I thought was similar... Is it possible to limit the number of pointers on a touch device? Or, any way to work round this? Thanks! Charlie