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    hayesmaker got a reaction from Fenopiù in Changing game size to fit page   
    this worked for me (I'm using `game.scale.NO_SCALE`)
    window.addEventListener('resize', function() { game.scale.setGameSize(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight); }.bind(this));
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    hayesmaker reacted to ivan.popelyshev in Camera for Pixi.js   
    Ok, I wrote it down. I'll implement camera2d and proxies as a plugin without needing all that 3d stuff
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    hayesmaker reacted to samme in Changing game size to fit page   
    @hayesmaker you can use
    game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.RESIZE; game.scale.parentIsWindow = true;  
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    hayesmaker reacted to lemmo in Thrust 30   
    Nice synthwave color scheme.
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    hayesmaker reacted to Milton in Thrust 30   
    Wow. Excellent. I don't often comment on games, but this just oozes style. Reminds me a bit of Fort Apocalypse for the C64. Yes, I am that old
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    hayesmaker reacted to rich in Thrust 30   
    That was such fun - I've found another Staff Pick game here easily
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    hayesmaker got a reaction from lemmo in Thrust 30   
    check out my phaser/pixi based Thrust remake at Ludum Dare game jam:  http://ludumdare.com/compo/2016/12/17/thrust-30/#more-601134
    features music by Matt Gray. 
    feel free to follow, hit like, request features.
    native ios version awaiting review in itunes, and android and desktop versions coming soon!

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    hayesmaker reacted to InsOp in The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)   
    id like phaser to easily zoom in and out the world
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    hayesmaker reacted to codevinsky in The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)   
    Here's a request:
    Let's say we've got and endless runner game with three states:
    Menu Play Game Over In menu, we have a scene that has a parallaxing background with floating buttons. When we click the "Play" button, we move to the play state... but without wiping the scene of current game objects. The player character enters from the left, running at a constant speed with the background is still parallaxing properly. On player death, we switch to the gameover state, the background stops parallaxing, and a "stats" display flies in with a "try again" button. When this button is pressed, the background seems to "rewind" all the back to the beginning, and we switch back over to the "play" state.
    The Request:
    Be able to switch states without having to wipe all of the game objects that are still on screen and retain references to those objects.
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    hayesmaker got a reaction from Lowren in Problem with a game on 3GS and Android devices - please can you help me testing it?   
    that's a cool game! Tell your sponsor to buy a new phone