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  1. It's not that Photoshop can't do it, it's just... overkill?
  2. This looks really great! Props to you, Chris, you always make awesome stuff.
  3. Can't say it's gonna work (my games work perfectly on Chrome) but try removing the line about webkit interpolation mode in the index file.
  4. An opinion that might not be shared by many people is that you could start using something like Construct 2 or Gamemaker: Studio. Once you get something done (and you see that it works and isn't just an idea) you could look into something more flexible like any other framework/engine based on JS (or even continue with Construct or Gamemaker if you so wish to). I'd say to try Construct 2 out (even though I'm a Gamemaker: Studio user myself) since it's the most popular and the most hassle-free one around (that is if HTML5 is what you're currently after).
  5. Hey, I tried your games on my Android phone (an LG P990, Jelly Bean, Tegra 2). It worked pretty well (and the game ideas were nice too, albeit simple) on both the stock browser and Chrome. On the stock browser, though, it didn't hide the address bar. Just for your information .
  6. If it's just about the design part (which is, not coding) I suggest you check some IRC channels dedicated to game design (this site has one as well). It's just my opinion, but if you want brainstorming mates it might be a better idea to check a live chat so that people are more inclined to help you right away compared to a forum. When it's time to start coding it you can just get back here .
  7. Hi there. I tried the game on my LG P990 (Tegra 2, Jelly Bean if that matters). The first one, not optimized, ran really slowly on the stock browser. For some reason the first menu was smooth but it suddenly slowed down when the second menu started to show up. Same with the optimized version (could it be that the tweening you're using is very resource intensive?). On Chrome, though, it ran flawlessly. A suggestion I dare to make would be to handle the rotation of the screen (if the game starts with the phone in landscape mode you have to reload the page to have it work properly) though it has nothing to do with the speed.
  8. Sounds good, I think I'll be sending a couple of Christmas games as well.
  9. GIMP and Inkscape. Photoshop is very valid (and I know as I've used it a lot) but as I can do all I need to with GIMP (and I still haven't scraped the surface) it seems a bit overkill to be paying that much for Photoshop. In the future, probably, when I'll have more time and money to spend on it I will.