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  1. Nice, I really like it! The puzzles are clever and the art style is beautiful! Sometimes I wish I could speed up the game a bit, to rotate & fall faster, and proceed quicker in the level
  2. I love the polish in this game! And actually getting 3 stars can be challenging especially if the RNG (next bubble to shoot) is against you. But overall I just have to repeat again how insanely polished this is from the menu to the level intro animations and sound effects, just everything! Very inspiring to see this 😮
  3. Game Link: Vocab RPG Vocab RPG is an Online RPG about catching Monsters & collecting Vocabulary Cards! Features: Open world with unique zones to explore MMO: Online multiplayer Monsters: Hunt, battle, and catch many unique monsters! Crafting: Collect different resources and use them to craft items & consumables Language Learning: Unlock vocabulary cards! Currently 4 vocabulary languages to choose from: Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian Overview: In Vocab RPG, you have all the elements of a m
  4. 99.9% I build all UI inside the canvas using Phaser Objects (images, sprites, graphics, tweens, etc.).
  5. For Halloween, I added two new unlockable cards to the game! Any cardpack that you receive from levelling up can now contain these two new cards. Game Link: Pixel Memory
  6. The graphics object also has origin at 0,0. Moreover, graphics objects cannot have a different origin than 0,0. Sorry for sidetracking a bit but this is related info about graphics objects, especially if you are dealing with origins: When you add a graphics object to your scene, make sure you set the x,y coordinates. Else it will default to 0,0 and you might be confused why a graphics object in the center of your screen has its coords set to 0,0. Link to doc: https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser3-docs/global.html#GraphicsOptions If you want to detect input on a graphics obje
  7. Check out the tutorial series by the man who helped develop the tilemap system in Phaser 3, it's very good. In the second part of the series he is using a platformer as an example: Part 2 https://itnext.io/modular-game-worlds-in-phaser-3-tilemaps-2-dynamic-platformer-3d68e73d494a I still think you should go through the whole series, though!
  8. @blackhawx Okay I just kept typing and my post was getting a bit out of hand. So I decided to just write it out as a post on my dev blog here: How to Re-Use Phaser 3 Animations for Different Sprite Sheets I hope this was clear and useful! Feel free to "like" the post if it was good or leave feedback how I can improve it. Thanks again for helping me understand this process!
  9. Yes of course! I will post here the code snippet as soon as I've implemented it. I've just flown to Canada last night for a family visit for 2 weeks. So I don't know right now when I'll sit down and code again. But when it's done I'll post it here.
  10. This is even cleaner! No need for helper functions. I still don't use the setData() methods enough in my Phaser 3 projects. Thanks!
  11. Okay so that makes my "workaround" solution above terribly bad because animations are created when the object (npc with a sprite) is created! I'll go back to the way I had it before: Simple helper methods where I provide a string to return the animation-key for the corresponding sprite sheet. I apologize for my naivety in this topic but I'm happy I asked and got all this new information now. I know now the desired approach was unnecessarily "organized" at the cost of being terribly ineffective. Maybe I can extend the Animations object with my helper methods to provide a sprite key and
  12. I have that too xD Sometimes I get lost just optimizing my code or "beautify-ing" my code, when all I wanted to do initially was fix a bug... I know very little about the works behind animation, nor what exactly needs a lot of processing power. I should really start educating myself on such topics. Thanks for pointing this out, at least now I have some good keywords that I can google and research.
  13. I knew there was something to it that was beyond my knowledge! Thank you so much for giving this background information, I really appreciate it. I had no clue that it is actually advantageous to the performance. Since I will be adding tons of sprite sheets, I will really benefit from the way Phaser 3 does it. I will stick with it. Thanks again!
  14. In that case you can use the standard keyboard inputs but don't allow diagonal movement. Then on top of it, you only allow changing directions when it perfectly matches the grid, such as (same concept for y-coordinates): function allowChangeDirection() { if(player.x % tile_size === 0) { return true; } else { return false; } } Now the problem with this will be that if your tile_size is not divisible for the player's speed, then the check will never return true. To fix this, you can increase the range that you check by the speed / velocity valu
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