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  1. @eu_genes ага

  2. I do illustrations and animations. Also i`ve did a plenty of games on flash and construct 2. My latest sold games are here Some of my artworks Trailers for my latest game Movies I love little details and different styles
  3. Thx a lot, i will work on that!
  4. My second attemp of making html5 game. Dream Symphony is a jumper with unique color and music system, that are changing with height. The game itself - Settings button isn`t working, sorry.
  5. zarkua

    Sweet heaven

    Is there any testers with iphone 5s?
  6. zarkua

    Sweet heaven really sorry for that
  7. zarkua


    i think that fonts on game should be as cute as art is
  8. zarkua

    Block Tower

    maybe it will be better idea to use tetris figures?
  9. zarkua

    Jelly Collapse

    Addicitve game but the sound of the bomb seems to be strange as for me.
  10. My first game: Bejeweld like mechanics, simple and juicy, with score enemies.