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  1. I have a game using a hex grid, where the tiles can be colored multiple colors in real time. To make this, I generate sprites for all the hex tiles, and then tint them when needed. This results in about 800 sprites, which is a lot, but I thought that would be okay. The problem I'm having is that when I check the task manager when running this game, it says its using 100% of the GPU -- even long after the hexes have been generated, where I would expect a big performance drop. This happens even when I disable tinting of the sprites, and turn the sprites into images instead. My question is: is there a better optimized way to render a bunch of tint-able images, that dont need to update? Because obviously I'm missing something. Thanks, Taylor Anderson
  2. As the creator of the game used as 'Proof', I can confirm that Orbis was created using nothing more than Flash and was uploaded to as a straight swf file. Thanks for linking to my game though!