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  1. Yes, i read some about PhoneGap but, it works like an IDE, doesn't it? I wonder if, for example, I can develop my app using Eclipse and that app will work in Android, Windows Phone, iOS... or if its necessary do it in PhoneGap/Cordova,... Thanks
  2. Hi folks. I have some doubts but i'll explain my case before to question you. I have an J2ME app but i would want to do it in HTML5 for to be compatible with other platforms (Windows Phone and Android mainly but iOS or anothers too). I don't know if i will need native functionalities or not, but, its possible to do one, and only one, app which works in all platforms or its necessary to have one version for each platform? My main intention is to have only one app, not one for each platform. I guess it will be necessary to use native functions because it will use connections to Server, m
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