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  1. Season 4 has started and 1.6 release is out! New NFT Legendary Card: Rampage 5 Damage. Also apply Overpower. New Legendary Card: Bodyguard Absorb 5 Damage. New Epic Card: Engineer 50% immunity from Sabotage. Passive. New Card: Critical Overload 50% chance to get X2 Energy. New Card: Fortune II You have 25% chance to double CREDIT rewards. Passive. Balance: Damage Catalyzer increased to 6 Damage (from 4). New Seasonal Quest: FULL RETALIATION Kill 20 enemies using Recast. Reward: Justicar Badge. New Daily Quest: RETALIATION Kill your enemy usi
  2. The Legends tournament Final will be between Sieger (Netherlands) and Chameleon (USA)
  3. The tournament has started! Check the latest updates on Battlefy: https://battlefy.com/litemint-llc/litemintio-legends/5f3d859833118628f2f5ecfc/info?infoTab=details
  4. Game On 2021. Happy New Year everyone. Our top-tier LEGENDS TOURNAMENT is starting in few days! Top players are getting ready to go head-to-head in epic battles, don't miss it
  5. The Winter Quests update is now available:
  6. New arena coming soon!
  7. Streaming soon!
  8. Also... We broke our All Time High number of players yesterday (4K) with the release of http://litemint.io 1.5! 😀
  9. Many thanks! Bounty Quests are now LIVE in the game. Earn exclusive cards, card backs and CREDITS by completing Bounty Quest! Daily and seasonal quests are available, and we are kicking off with Halloween! Make sure to check regularly.
  10. Season 3 has begun with version 1.2.1. New Cards - New Tournament - Daily Quests.
  11. Our first ever tournament final has been live streamed successfully and Black Swan won the first ever NFT card issued on Stellar. Season 3 will be live very soon!
  12. Hi, Many thanks for the feedback. I am building all my games on my in-house engine so I do not use any dependencies (besides a little jquery).
  13. Litemint.io LEGENDS tournament quarterfinals Sieger (Survival Spec) vs Nesmar42 (Overload Spec), this is intense!
  14. Litemint.io is now out of beta! 30,000 players 700,000 battles First top-tier competition “LEGENDS” to win our first NFT Game Collectible Trade cards on Stellar and more Learn everything here: https://blog.litemint.com/litemint-io-is-out-of-beta/
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