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  1. Litemint.io LEGENDS tournament quarterfinals Sieger (Survival Spec) vs Nesmar42 (Overload Spec), this is intense!
  2. Litemint.io is now out of beta! 30,000 players 700,000 battles First top-tier competition “LEGENDS” to win our first NFT Game Collectible Trade cards on Stellar and more Learn everything here: https://blog.litemint.com/litemint-io-is-out-of-beta/
  3. We have now reached 15,000 players and here is the update: New Ranking System. Progress from Recruit to Legend on the ladder. 25 ranks, 5 stars per rank. Match Making! No more frustration 😅 First Legendary card! Many balance changes, many new cards since last update Enjoy!
  4. You can now Duel with friends! in Beta 0.3 Other changes: The card balance changes are heavily based on feedback from Discord (Join us, 300 members now!). Introducing new Mastery cards + Healing gets some love and support in this update. BALANCE AND NEW CARDS: CHANGE: Energy Siphon Drain up to 12 energy from each enemy card (up from 10). CHANGE: Heroic Burst is now a dual-stat card 2 Energy - 2 Health. NEW CARD: Justice 4 Damage - 5 health. NEW CARD: Kinetic Bunker Double your Armor! NEW CARD: Energy Hack Drain all energy from highest enemy card. NEW CARD: Hellfire Mastery Give +1 to ALL Hellfire cards. Passive. NEW CARD: Overload Mastery Give +1 to ALL Overload cards. Passive. NEW CARD: Repair Mastery Give +2 to ALL Repair cards. Passive. MASTERY HOW TO You can add 1 Mastery card in your deck (Hellfire, Overload or Repair Mastery) and the card effect will automatically apply to all your cards at the start of the battle. This card cannot be played. Example: You select Repair Mastery then your Repair I card will restore 3 Health instead of 1. friends-1.mp4
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I am preparing some graphics options to disable some effects and adjust sound volume.
  6. Update: We passed 5000 players on the open beta (Players who have unlocked at least one card) and over 60,000 battles played. Visit https://litemint.io/cards to browse all cards, data, generate graphics. You can now GREET, TAUNT or LOSE in style with Emoji system during battle. Players can now link their Stellar wallet when login with Facebook and Google (Previously only Litemint Logins allowed it). New cards and balance incoming this week. Enjoy! loseinstyle.mp4
  7. Congratz and thanks! Any issue and question just let me know!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! That's right, right now in the Beta the server matches anyone to limit queue times (we have 1400 daily players right now) so you may meet much stronger decks but the after beta and with more players the server will try to match people based on level and cards. There will be tweaks on graphics/sounds as well Thanks again for the feedback.
  9. Hi Everyone, Here is my latest game, Litemint.io. Litemint.io is a fast pace, instant card battles game. With this game, my goal is to create an experience similar to IO games (fast on-boarding and fast sessions) while incorporating the mechanics of collectible card games along with having these cards issued as collectible on the blockchain (optional for players). Read more on my blog. The game is currently in beta so expect a few resets and bugs. It runs cross-browser (mobile and desktop) and will have an iOS and Google Play version after beta. BETA (current): The game will initially be balanced around PvP battles with the beta expected to run for 3 weeks. There are 20 cards to collect in the beta decks. I expect to gather enough data to balance the core mechanics around these cards. Most active players during the Beta will be rewarded special cards and card backs. CORE FEATURES Fast pace, multiplayer IO style game. Unique easy-to-learn gameplay with no learning curve. Endless, instant match ups. Persistent seasonal rankings with daily rewards. (Upcoming) Cooperative events vs powerful NPCs to earn rare collectible artifacts. Card backs (customization) and legendary card collectibles. All collectibles tradable on the Stellar DEX. Universal syncs on any platform with Facebook or Litemint ( Stellar Wallet). Cyberpunk theme and original lore. Guest Login: Your session token is saved in the local storage so if the cache is deleted you will lose your progress. The data will be removed from server after a period of inactivity. Facebook Login: At any time, players can associate their Facebook login to benefit from universal sync. Litemint Login: Litemint is a crypto wallet for gamers. When you start the game from the wallet, you are able to "own" your cards on the blockchain and trade them with anyone in the world. Any question or issue let me know. Enjoy!
  10. This game is not for sale. You can iframe/embed it on your website for free. All Best.
  11. @inyourpc Yes the game uses socket.io for multiplayer. It is hosted part on MS Azure and part on Vultr at the moment.
  12. Hi Everyone, Glad to announce another upcoming in-house production—besides being eponymous, this one is major! LITEMINT.IO is a unique massively multiplayer collectible card game for distribution on the Litemint apps platform, web and mobile stores. And yes, that means tons of items, goodies and legendary artifacts to earn—all tradable on the Stellar DEX. Card reveal and release in Q4 2019. The game, like all apps on the Litemint platform will benefit from features such as shop, cross-currency decentralized in-app purchases, collectible items and seamless universal sync with federation. Story & Lore In LITEMINT.IO, magic, artificial intelligence and digital alchemists have created a hazardous dystopian world filled with risk and opportunities for the gold-crazed adventurers. You will discover an original lore that enables the most unconventional abilities, skills and powers. Mad alchemists, powerful AI, bots and other creatures are all in on a quest to find the digital philosopher’s stone. Get ready to create the ultimate deck and join them! Game Modes Player vs Player: Players can battle their peers in endless instant match-ups to climb the persistent seasonal ladder. In their quest for riches, they can earn legendary cards and collectibles which are freely tradable on the Stellar decentralized exchange (DEX). Cooperative: Weekly PVE events allow players to unite against powerful NPCs to earn unique or rare collectible artifacts also tradable on the DEX. Battle Royale: Build your deck on the go and survive as long as you can in this hectic battle royale game mode where every choice matters! Top players will enjoy the greatest rewards! All Features Fast pace, massively multiplayer IO style game. Unique easy-to-learn gameplay mixing cards and dice rolls. Endless, instant match ups. Persistent seasonal rankings with daily rewards. Cooperative events vs powerful NPCs to earn rare collectible artifacts. Card backs and legendary card collectibles. All collectibles tradable on the Stellar DEX. Smooth on-boarding. Stellar account not mandatory. Players can link their Stellar account at any time. Universal syncs on any platform. Steampunk theme and original lore. Full support for Litemint wallet apps platform features. Closed Beta Testers If you wish to participate in the upcoming closed beta test, feel free to send me an email with a public Stellar key you want to use for testing. There will be some goodies for the most active testers and contributors. After closed beta testing I will as usual add a thread in the Games Showcase section for development progress! Keep Posted!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am pleased to announce that Litemint 1.3.0 has now been released with its instant games platform, decentralized, cross-currency in-app purchases and 2 games including the multiplayer game pie.ai (3 millions players since release in 2017). Main Features with this release: Decentralized In-app Purchases Through Path Payments Developers publishing games and apps on Litemint can list in-app items as well. They can choose the asset they wishes to receive as Litemint runs payment path finding queries for price conversion and resolution through the Stellar DEX. The user may choose any asset to buy in-app items, their order is routed through the series of assets and lands in the developer wallet. Seamless Gaming Accounts through Federated Addresses Whenever a player logs into a game/app on Litemint, developers can identify them uniquely using the Stellar Federation protocol and provide services such as cross-device syncing of player data (scores, leaderboards...) as well as purchase deliveries to player accounts seamlessly. This is currently implemented in both games available. Litemint also features: Source code is open-source (MIT License). https://github.com/litemint Anonymous, no KYC, no email. A simple PIN is required for all accounts. 24-word mnemonic (BIP39, SLIP10, SEP05). Comprehensive access to the Stellar DEX and trading of any asset pairs. Multi languages (English, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Greek, more to come). Seamless deposits from partner anchors. Federated addresses to send and receive money. Multi account managements. Cross-platform (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web App). Learn more: https://litemint.com Any question, feel free to contact me.
  14. Thank you! The game runs on NodeJS server.