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  1. This game is not for sale. You can iframe/embed it on your website for free. All Best.
  2. @inyourpc Yes the game uses socket.io for multiplayer. It is hosted part on MS Azure and part on Vultr at the moment.
  3. Hi Everyone, Glad to announce another upcoming in-house production—besides being eponymous, this one is major! LITEMINT.IO is a unique massively multiplayer collectible card game for distribution on the Litemint apps platform, web and mobile stores. And yes, that means tons of items, goodies and legendary artifacts to earn—all tradable on the Stellar DEX. Card reveal and release in Q4 2019. The game, like all apps on the Litemint platform will benefit from features such as shop, cross-currency decentralized in-app purchases, collectible items and seamless universal sync with federation. Story & Lore In LITEMINT.IO, magic, artificial intelligence and digital alchemists have created a hazardous dystopian world filled with risk and opportunities for the gold-crazed adventurers. You will discover an original lore that enables the most unconventional abilities, skills and powers. Mad alchemists, powerful AI, bots and other creatures are all in on a quest to find the digital philosopher’s stone. Get ready to create the ultimate deck and join them! Game Modes Player vs Player: Players can battle their peers in endless instant match-ups to climb the persistent seasonal ladder. In their quest for riches, they can earn legendary cards and collectibles which are freely tradable on the Stellar decentralized exchange (DEX). Cooperative: Weekly PVE events allow players to unite against powerful NPCs to earn unique or rare collectible artifacts also tradable on the DEX. Battle Royale: Build your deck on the go and survive as long as you can in this hectic battle royale game mode where every choice matters! Top players will enjoy the greatest rewards! All Features Fast pace, massively multiplayer IO style game. Unique easy-to-learn gameplay mixing cards and dice rolls. Endless, instant match ups. Persistent seasonal rankings with daily rewards. Cooperative events vs powerful NPCs to earn rare collectible artifacts. Card backs and legendary card collectibles. All collectibles tradable on the Stellar DEX. Smooth on-boarding. Stellar account not mandatory. Players can link their Stellar account at any time. Universal syncs on any platform. Steampunk theme and original lore. Full support for Litemint wallet apps platform features. Closed Beta Testers If you wish to participate in the upcoming closed beta test, feel free to send me an email with a public Stellar key you want to use for testing. There will be some goodies for the most active testers and contributors. After closed beta testing I will as usual add a thread in the Games Showcase section for development progress! Keep Posted!
  4. Hi Everyone, I am pleased to announce that Litemint 1.3.0 has now been released with its instant games platform, decentralized, cross-currency in-app purchases and 2 games including the multiplayer game pie.ai (3 millions players since release in 2017). Main Features with this release: Decentralized In-app Purchases Through Path Payments Developers publishing games and apps on Litemint can list in-app items as well. They can choose the asset they wishes to receive as Litemint runs payment path finding queries for price conversion and resolution through the Stellar DEX. The user may choose any asset to buy in-app items, their order is routed through the series of assets and lands in the developer wallet. Seamless Gaming Accounts through Federated Addresses Whenever a player logs into a game/app on Litemint, developers can identify them uniquely using the Stellar Federation protocol and provide services such as cross-device syncing of player data (scores, leaderboards...) as well as purchase deliveries to player accounts seamlessly. This is currently implemented in both games available. Litemint also features: Source code is open-source (MIT License). https://github.com/litemint Anonymous, no KYC, no email. A simple PIN is required for all accounts. 24-word mnemonic (BIP39, SLIP10, SEP05). Comprehensive access to the Stellar DEX and trading of any asset pairs. Multi languages (English, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Greek, more to come). Seamless deposits from partner anchors. Federated addresses to send and receive money. Multi account managements. Cross-platform (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web App). Learn more: https://litemint.com Any question, feel free to contact me.
  5. Thank you! The game runs on NodeJS server.
  6. Thanks @ozdy! Indeed, I personally don’t buy into the ICO schemes so Litemint project was 100% bootstrapped. We exclusively follow the decentralized model (DEX) for trades and marketplace services so currency exchange and listings will basically remain free however we may add optional premium and advertising services on the network. We also plan to maintain additional anchors on Stellar, currently we operate the GRIN anchor (grinpay.org) and MAG anchor (magnetwork.io) where revenue is typically generated from anchor users withdrawals (to their native networks). So, the incentive remains actual currency usage as opposed to speculation.
  7. Hello Everyone, If you are interested in cryptocurrencies and looking for new ways to monetize your games, this topic may be of interest to you. I have been working on several cryptocurrency projects over the past few years and just released, in January, my brand new project called Litemint. What is Litemint? Litemint aims to be a friendly, easy-to-use, multi-currency wallet and decentralized marketplace for mobile and desktop platforms. It is fully decentralized (no middleman, we don't even take a 0.000001% cut!), noncustodial and fully supports the #proofofkeys movement - users are fully in control of their keys. The wallet allows users to hold, send and receive any currency including XLM, BTC, EUR, USD, ETH, MAG, XRP and many others. The upcoming marketplace will also allow users to trade directly on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, buy/sell their digital goods and run games! Games published on Litemint are directly accessible from the users wallets offering them a streamlined experience for instant and decentralized in-app purchase. Since there is no middleman, the money transacting between merchants and their users is immediately available to the sellers wallet - ready to spend (or hodl!). The Marketplace is expected to open up next month and we are currently accepting game dev submissions (quality and professionalism is the main criteria). Contact us with your list of games and let's discuss. Check out our games portal : https://games.litemint.com Features: Instant payments with no middleman. Multi-currency wallet (get paid in EUR, USD, BTC, XRP and so on), the choice is yours! Free service. We don't take a cut - AT ALL. Litemint wallet is cross-platform - available on Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux and Web App. Integrated exchange and path payments (Get paid in any currency!). Partner network benefits and rewards (Check out our MAG partner). Fully decentralized, client side execution. Open source platform. Any question, feel free to ask. Be part of the new monetization wave coming from crypto, hope to see you there!
  8. Pie.AI is finally back online! Happy New Year 2019 https://pie.ai
  9. Sorry with business partner, we have decided to part ways and the game has been taken down while we sort out legal and technical stuff (IP, hosting...). It will be back at some point.
  10. The problem with bitcoin as it currently stands are the fees per transaction which would make such rewards pointless / or costly whichever side. Lightning network may help a lot in regards to this. Another solution is to use a dedicated alt currency (there are several) or create your own with low fees and fast transaction speeds. People would trade them vs BTC to cash out as they do with alt coins trading. Offering 1 BTC as unique reward for the first player to beat the game (or create a more elaborate reward structure) is not such a bad idea. Last year I actually wrote a short blog article about a digital artist, she embedded private keys to bitcoin stashes in her paintings. Her last puzzle has yet to be solved but surely, should the reward be substantial enough (4.5 BTC in her case), it is a great way to get exposure, especially these days with cryptocurrencies all over the news.
  11. @AlectoraIt may be out of topic but I have been focusing 100% on cryptocurrencies for the last 2 months. And we have now reached almost $1M market cap (https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/magnet/btc). Note that we did not use ICO, the project was 100% bootstrap. if interested in learning more check out my blog (http://blockonomy.org/blog/magnet121/) , this week we will also release more information and roadmap on the website.
  12. The real pioneer (David Shaum with DigiCash) actually went bankrupt... he was too early on the market. Blockchain technology has amazing potential
  13. Yes, some websites are apparently using client's CPU to contribute against their mining node instead of displaying adverts (not sure about that one, computer performance going down may actually be more of an annoyance than seeing an ad - although it can be balanced properly). Bitcoin CPU mining is worthless, for some cryptonight-based coins it may still work with many visitors (but for how long, difficulty is always going higher and any successful coin will attract more hash power... does not seem long term solution). The technology itself is amazing and can bring fast and cheap transactions everywhere, blockchain could be used for decentralized /cross-game saves, gamer's id... Most important, cryptocurrencies need less volatility... would be pretty annoying to find out that the 0.001 bitcoin you used to remove ads in a game could get you a car a year later (e.g. like this guy who bought a pizza for $5M). There is so much speculation and craziness, it makes it hard to develop stable business solutions. Hopefully the craze will go down and people will start looking at how the technology can serve - not the speculative side of it.