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  1. Thanks! Means a lot coming from you guys.
  2. We just posted our Pixi.js game (including some screenshots) in the Showcase forum: Here is a direct link to the game: Kaatje - Click here to play Thanks for the great framework and support, GoodBoy!
  3. * update 18/11: fixed audio bug in newer versions of Chrome that would break the game * Hey all, A couple of years ago, we (Pure Communication) made the Kaatje website: a Flash website for little kids that is linked to a live-action TV show. Now we just finished the tablet friendly HTML version, using Pixi.js! You can check it out here: Kaatje - Click here to play Here are some screenshots: [ Homescreen, with links to 4 games on top. More games will be added in the near future! ] [ Shoot those balloons, but don't shoot Eendje (Ducky)! ] [ Kaatje at the farm. Click around to discover! ] [ Reach the finish before time runs out! Avoid obstacles by clicking the red arrows, or by swiping left or right. ] [ Get those stubborn sheep in their pen! ] Our biggest problem was getting sound to work OK on most devices. In the end we used a mix of Web Audio API calls and a fallback using SoundManager 2. We'd like to thank the guys at Goodboy for their awesome Pixi.js framework and their support on Github!