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  1. lchx

    Hey d13, 

    Wishing you well. 

    I'm reaching out as I'd like to have a further discussion based on a client I'm currently working with in the US. 

    I'm not sure if you've seen my post on the forum already, but here's a direct link. 

    Please let me know if this would be of interest to you. 

    If you would prefer to connect via email, here it is - lchancellor@trilogyinternational.com

  2. Hi Everyone, I'm using the SceneManager to start a scene. I then want initialise other parts of my game when the scene has started and is is ready. I've tried this (`game` is a new Phaser.Game(config)): game.scene.start("TitleScreen"); const titleScreen = game.scene.getScene("TitleScreen"); ... but titleSceen is `null`, preventing me from attaching any event listeners to it. However, if I wrap it in setTimeout and wait for 100 ms, I can access it: game.scene.start("TitleScreen"); setTimeout(event => { const titleScreen = game.scene.ge
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if Phaser has an API for accessing Tiled Editor's "collection of images" data? Also, if anyone can explain how ""collection of images" is supposed to work in Tiled Editor - please do! The only information I could find on how it works is this: https://discourse.mapeditor.org/t/how-to-use-collection-of-images-tileset/2851 ... and those instructions don't work or make sense! [EDIT]: After posting a question in that thread above, it now makes sense! But is there a Phaser 3 API hook for these? Thanks!! kk.
  4. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of a solution to this WebGL error on IE11? "WEBGL11257: WebGL content is taking too long to render on your GPU. Temporarily switching to software rendering." Should I be using the canvas renderer for IE11?
  5. There's an example here: https://github.com/kittykatattack/learningPixi#loading
  6. This was developed with Pixi v4, but should still work with 5: https://github.com/kittykatattack/tileUtilities
  7. I would love to do it! But just haven't had the time yet, unfortunately.
  8. Just for reference, I finally managed to get this working by duplicating the atlas files for as many JSON files as I have (15), giving them the same name as the JSON, and pointing the atlas to the same single PNG file. I'm getting the error message, "BaseTexture added to the cache with an id [assets/animations/observation/observation.png] that already had an entry", but I can live with that for now. If I find a better, less hacky, way to do this, I will report back 😄
  9. Thanks Ivan... just digging around my files, there doesn't seem to be a reference to the .atlas in the spine .json files. Do you mean the reference to the .png in the .atlas file?
  10. Thanks Ivan! I'm having a little trouble understanding how this might work. In this example... var atlasLoaderOption = { metadata: { imageNamePrefix: 'spineAtlas_' } }; PIXI.loader .add('flyingAnimation.json', spineLoaderOptions); .add('walkingAnimation', spineLoaderOptions); .add('anotherAnimation.json', spineLoaderOptions); ... will my JSONs need to have the same root name for them to share the single atlas and png?
  11. Hi Everyone, Another Spine question: Is it possible for many Spine animations to share one texture atlas? For example, I have some animations that look like this: animationOne.json animationTwo.json animationThree.json My atlas and PNG look like this: myAnimation.png myAtlas.png I basically need my three animations to share the same .png and .atlas files I have read this, https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-spine/blob/master/examples/reuse_texture.md, but I'm not sure whether it applies to this use case..? (If it does, please let me know!) Thank, y
  12. Hi Everyone! Another Spine question! Is it possible to set and pause the animation at a specific point in the timeline? I could find this in docs, but if anyone could point me to the correct reference, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. d13

    Setting Spine skins..?

    ... I should also mention, I'm getting this warning: `"export 'spine' (imported as 'PIXI') was not found in 'pixi.js'`. But, otherwise, no other errors.
  14. d13

    Setting Spine skins..?

    Thanks! I will do some more testing and report back
  15. d13

    Setting Spine skins..?

    I'm using Pixi 5 and the have installed the pixi-spine master branch (2.1.4).
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