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  1. Akis

    Multi-Style text

    Allo! For a specific project, I needed to create a lot of multi-style text. And to be honest, it's just painful to do it manually every time. So I decided to create an object to do it for me, because I don't want to do it manually anymore This one calculates the position of each group of text automatically and will save me a lot of dev time now. I called it "MultiStyleText" and the source code is available on github if you want: https://github.com/tleunen/pixi-multistyle-text I'm pretty sure there are a few bugs in there, especially with styles using different font-size. But this is a start I've released it as 0.1.0 because I'm not sure yet of the way to create it, with the 2 "styles" object. Feel free to suggest improvements on that! I put an example using the same that Mat created for Pixi.Text and here is the result: Let me know what you think.
  2. Cool. I think I'll give it a try this year.. I still have no game idea but will try to do something with the theme
  3. Funny, I started the same kind of project a few weeks ago for my own needs. I don't use Phaser, but good work ;-)
  4. Hi, I logged the JS errors users get in my game, and I see a lot of these errors: - Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D'. The HTMLImageElement provided is in the broken state. - An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable. Both messages comes from Chrome, and seems to be the same error. But I also see the same thing for the other browsers. I don't know which image is causing this (because it works for some users and not for some others). What can cause this? Memory issue?
  5. Akis

    Render FOV

    This is another great article about this: http://ncase.me/sight-and-light/
  6. Yep @xerver, as I'm modifying the width/height of the frame, that's exactly what I needed
  7. omg that's exactly what I needed. Thank you. I first tried to clone the texture but didn't think about a specific constructor in Texture based on another texture. Thanks so much!
  8. How can I change the texture width/height but without any scaling of the texture in it? Basically, I just want to "cut" my sprite texture. If I update the 'width' or 'height' property, this will change the scaling. If I change the '_width' or '_height', it won't change anything :/ //edit: Hmm it seems I can achieve it by modifying the texture instead of the sprite.. The issue is that it will definitely altered the texture so if others sprites use the same texture, it won't work as expected :s
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if you have some suggestion for some ad networks for web games. I heard about Leadbolt, but they are exclusive to mobile apps & web. It seems to be one of the most used on this forum so I'm sure it's not bad. But if you launch your game on your main website, or even on Facebook. What do you use? I heard about ad4game, but are there any others networks? Thanks.
  10. Akis

    Pixi.Text & CocoonJS

    But I only get the issue if I use the anchor. If I set the text as 0,0 or 50,50 for exemple, the text appears at the right location. I can probably calculate myself the right position then. Thanks for the info!
  11. Hey all, I played a bit with the CocoonJS launcher today and in my 'game' and I noticed somethind weird with PIXI.Text. If I put an anchor on the text, I'll get my text with a wrong position. The X seems ok, but the issue is the Y. For exemple, in CocoonJS, if I want a text vertically aligned, I will need to put its position to the height of the canvas minus the demi height of the text. What?! It's not the job of the anchor do calculate that? Does anyone have seen this issue before? I don't have the issue with a sprite + anchor for exemple. I only have it with a Text.
  12. Akis

    Text alignment

    Yep, but it shouldn't As I said, it's a known bug in Firefox. For now, I just patched my local Pixi to draw the text 3px lower for Firefox to get the same rendering whatever the browser is.