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  1. Yeah I know them. Just so people not wondering, mine is not just a simple concatenation; it automatically put orders depending on the inheritance hierarchy (Just like Java and not like TypeScript that forces you to use file references and end up in circular reference issue just like in C++ headers). The script gets simpler thanks to ES6. I also have my own way to do namespaces (if that's what anyone means by other useful thing by modules) just like C++ namespace. So, until now I'm not sure how module could work for me. I've used Dart.js before (I believe it has the exact same way of modul
  2. Thanks for the response guys. I'll start off with ES6 by default now, with Babel in consideration as it uses native syntax. I've used TypeScript and I loved it. But then I went into problem when importing 3rd party libraries as I may have to create my own header files, that's why I really look forward for the native one. Babel is nice when it comes to this. Regarding to module, the good thing is, of all features, module support is the least I need as I have my own compiler to combine the classes (by files) automatically. Cheers!
  3. Hi, it's been a while since I've been in web development world, including HTML5 for games. I'm just wondering if I can finally use EcmaScript 6 features by default (class, let, const, extends, etc.)? How about you? If not, what are the transpilers that you can recommend me? Thanks
  4. It is best if you use a flag and have the character movement done in the game loop. So when you press a key, a command turns true and therefore rendered by the game loop as long as it remains true. This will avoid movement delays, and the command remains general where you can add another command for the same flag. In a bigger architecture, you may need observer pattern to handle this so it can work across multiple user inputs (touch, keyboards, controller, etc) Example: var isMovingUp = false;window.addEventListener("keyDown, function(k) { switch(k.keyCode) { case 87: isMoving
  5. I think what hesitates you is because you like her, oops, I mean because she's pretty. Lol. Quick hint: The topic of your interest, the drawing and anything related is already the ice breaker. When it comes to business, you don't hesitate to hunt (and being hunted). Put your mind that she wants to be approachable for her drawings. If not, then you're the one who should convince her that her drawings are to your liking and match on what you need.
  6. Since Spine is 2D I guess I'll just post it here. Is there anyone yet to implement Three.js Spine runtime with FFD? I found one by makc but it seems like it doesn't have FFD yet. Thanks!
  7. Cache problem on the user can be fixed by providing the querystring as a version on your index.html file (if your app.min.js is your game file, I think that should be app.min.js?1.0.1234), or when you load your script. Just make sure the index.html file isn't cached as well. Or simply use folder versions on the assets. Hope this helps! Good game btw.
  8. Move to Canvas/WebGL. Use graphics engine like Pixi.js or Three.js.
  9. Wow guys, a thread commenting a hate comment only grows more endless heated debates inside. I think this is the kind of thread that needs to be locked. Everyone may go with their own opinion now.
  10. Finally an alternative choice. Checked it out and it's quite complete. Thanks a lot Henning.
  11. Can't really say if HTML5 is the future of the web, but I'd rather say HTML5 is the current (only?) technology that can, finally, build up to 3D games in a browser including mobile (Safari iOS) without any plugin. Worth study hours for hours, I'd really say why not. If you understand programming well, sooner or later, language or platform is not a matter. What I mean is even if you waste your time in making games with JavaScript, you won't have much trouble adapting yourself with other languages cause programming concepts (OOP, pointers, data structures, algorithms, pointers, design patterns
  12. Thanks I will check on it. However I can't seem to find any HTML5 game using that though, I need to see the practical use.
  13. Yeah I have a big interest on Stripe for a very long time, but apparently my country is not in their list yet for me. mozPay.. I'm not sure about this one as I briefly read them but I'll check them further. Thanks!
  14. Well I guess no one yet really has another option if I conclude.. Thanks, will do.
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking for a cross-platform payment solution for my game, which should use in-app purchase materials. The one that I found that can work on web and other media is Xsolla. I found out about this one from Bombermine game. But I want to check for others to make sure. I wonder if you guys have any other options? It'll be also great if you guys already used them (including the Xsolla) and share your experience when with them. Thanks!
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