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  1. Hi Gilber66, I'm sorry that we didn't realize it earlier, but it seems our reply was deleted somehow, as a red mark showing the word "deleted" popped up above your message in our inbox. I sent you a new PM, please check your inbox and let me know via PM. Thank you & kind regards, Christina
  2. Dear HTML5 gamedev community, thank you so much for all the kind words, messages and the warm welcome. We were really surprised about the high amount of mails and PM's. Thank you very much, that's amazing! We are pretty happy about beeing a part of this great community here! The holiday season started in Germany and many of our colleagues are on their well deserved vacation now. Unfortunately that means working at full capacity for the rest of us here. Nevertheless we think each message and each game deserves the same attention and a detailed feedback, so we are really sorry that we currently are not able to answer within a few days as usual. We ask for your patience, while we try to answer as fast as possible. And of course we would be very happy if you'd still keep us up to date about your current and/or future projects, as we expect that our situation will have changed again at the beginning of September.But of course feel free to keep sending us PMs and emails, we are looking forward to every message! And we are really looking forward to working with you for a long time, thank you for your patience in advance! your Kaisergames team PS: @octappis, spyro33, gaelbeltran, antpixel and gilber966: thank you for your PM's, our team has sent you messages.
  3. @HTML5console and Cirta Games: Thanks for your interest, our team has sent you both a message @sssurikov: Your project looks very interesting, but we're only focussing on games at the moment, sorry
  4. Hi everyone, we're new to the forum so first of all I think it's a good idea to introduce KaiserGames a little bit and show you guys what we're doing. We're located in Cologne, Germany and it all started with creating our own flash games portals around 2005/2006. Our first portals have been KralOyun.com and SpielAffe.de. Both became the market leader in their respective countries (Turkey and Germany) rather quickly and maintain this position until today. We run a couple of other games portals in different languages, but these two are mainly the pillars of KaiserGames' success. Since late 2013 we started focussing on HTML5 games and launched the respective spin-offs of the aforementioned portals for mobile devices, namely m.spielaffe.de and m.kraloyun.com. They have been growing nicely since January 2014 and each of them already counts more than 2 Million visits every month. We have been following the contents of this forum for quite a while now and thought that now may be a good time to participate and become a part of this community. We're open for interesting discussions and everything else regarding HTML5 games Of course we are mainly interested in meeting cool and capable people here. It's all about the games, so we really hope to make some great connections, especially to developers who are interested in sharing their games with a wide audience, selling licenses and stuff like that. From what we've seen so far, we have definitely come to the right place Looking forward to joining some valuable and worthwhile conversations. If you have any questions, please ask us anytime! Best regards from Germany, Lars / KaiserGames PS: We are developing games in-house as well. If you have the time, maybe take a look at m.spielaffe.de and search for Smarty Bubbles and Kiba & Kumba: High Jump.