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  1. It could be cool- the pngs are basically a sprite atlas though, so I don't think the display is a real challenge. It would be interesting if you could simplify the game logic, so that writing an LCD game became easier.
  2. Strictly speaking, it's not a Phaser 3 request– but I'd really like to see community support for a web-based development environment. Perhaps Mighty Editor, or another open source project. Do you think it would be possible to set up another topic folder in the forum for this? I want to help, but I can contribute more in terms of design than on the coding side– it needs official leadership.
  3. I'd like to get involved in improving the UX for Mighty Editor. I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, but as soon as I am able, I hope to contribute to the project now that it is open. In terms of what we can borrow from Tumult Hype, I think a timeline interface and a scene manager would be great additions. There is also a lot of 'prior art' in terms of Construct2 and GameMaker Studio that can be used as reference, or PlayCanvas, which has a good web editor for 3D games.
  4. I've made a couple of tutorials for creating adventure games using Tumult Hype An HTML5 Adventure Game without CodingCreating an HTML5 Adventure Game - Part 2With each, I've screen captured the entire development process and I've linked to the playable version and downloadable source code through the GameJolt page. I'd generally prefer to use open tools rather than a proprietary app, but I think the easy-of-use and simplicity of Hype is something we, as a community, should aim for in the development of open HTML5 tools like the Mighty Editor. Looking forward to your feedback!
  5. Well done– I hope the community gets behind this!
  6. I would highly recommend doing something like this in Hype (http://tumult.com/hype/) You can design the views and transitions there, and then add your game logic in a Javascript file. For example, I wrote a Hype view controller (https://github.com/kaigani/hype-view-controller). If not for the final version of the game, you could prototype it very quickly in Hype. You could also wrap the app within AngularJS or another library for user management or Facebook login.
  7. I had a look. For this list specifically I'd need links to GitHub repos with the source code. I had a look at your GitHub page but the games listed on your site aren't there.
  8. I'd be happy to help, it sounds like we have similar goals. I'll message you.
  9. Thanks - I'll go through that list and find the relevant games posted to GitHub.
  10. In that case, I think let's keep it Javascript. The goal is to have projects where you can easily read the source, compare across genres, and download to run in your browser without any other libraries or tools.
  11. I'm hoping to avoid anything that needs to be compiled– so I was thinking Javascript. But I'm not familiar with Typescript - is it interpreted in the browser, or always compiled?
  12. I made a very basic start at compiling a list, which I thought should itself be on GitHub – https://github.com/kaigani/HTML5-games-list Please contribute!
  13. Has anyone compiled a 'master list' of HTML5 games who have made their source code public on GitHub? [EDIT] A few resources below: GITHUB GAME OFF https://github.com/blog/1303-github-game-off https://github.com/blog/1674-github-game-off-ii PHASER GAMES http://pgl.ilinov.eu/ HTML5 GAMES LIST https://github.com/kaigani/HTML5-games-list
  14. I would highly recommend making an editor like this open source. There are a lot of similar services launching - typically with a tiered subscription model, and I think it's a model that fragments the HTML5 gamedev community. I would like to see a completely open IDE for game development. The revenue can be made on associated services: hosting, publishing, integrating ad networks.
  15. The link to your editor doesn't work for me.
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