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  1. Sounds good! This method appears really useful i'll try this to!!! following this steps i'll never stop the development Thanks a lot!! For your feedback/advice/attention
  2. @mentuat Thanks alot for your feedback! These are very good points!! I think you are 100% correct, I will change the plans to do a simple version of my idea, a game to just to jump and get items, with a basic skill to kill the enemies. Is really better to choose to do the entire work over time I have available I thought this reduce the frustrations and make me always with the excitement as you said So, about the assets, you can recommend me to use open source assets just to learn or maybe get some and modify to save time? I didn't know where to find assets for this kind of game (will be
  3. Hello guys, so i'm close to get my work vacations, and I always wished to do my game ideas So I'm planning to use 20/30 days of my vacations to make my first html5 game that will be a rpg hack & slash platform game, and I'm here to ask you for an advice Here goes what I'm thinking to do: I'm good with drawing so I'll draw the characters/scenary and vectorize it to make the sprites[spend 5 days here] Get the assets and start to program and I decided to use Phaser [spend 15 days here] Have you guys some tips to start? spent 1/4 of the time for design is a good decision? I'm don't plannin
  4. Hello! So i'm starting with game development and i have no mac I use Ruby on Rails/PHP/HTML/JS/CSS at work, but for game development i need photoshop/fireworks etc... I tryed to use photoshop in a Virtualbox VM, but is really impractical way to do this because using VM the performance sucks Have some tools for game design to use in Ubuntu? ( gimp sounds too bad ) Please consider that i'm doing a game with pixelart design and flat design My goal to use linux is the super friendly environment for development, using nodejs, bower, npm, and the back-end is Ruby on Rails So finally if you gu
  5. It is possible to use Phaser with Ember? Someone have tried this? or with Backbone, or angular my doubt cause i'm learning Ember and i know a bit of Backbone, i would like to try one project with ember and phaser Obs: i'm using Rails 4 and Ruby2 too, then i'm using compass and coffeescript too XD
  6. Really cool and pretty cute, how much time you spent??
  7. Hi Nathan, Thank you for your explanation !!!
  8. @DaveVoyles nice example! but idk about object pooling, you can talk a bit about this? this is JS?
  9. Hi @Tumira! i don't know what is wrapped HTML5, i did not know CocoonJS appears look totally amazing!! I did not know Spriter and Spine, look amazing too! i will go test these tools thank you *-* So, my goal is to develop my first platform html5 game2D on this vacation, and i want to use sprites and probably will be a web app for firefoxOS Thank you for all tips o/
  10. Hello guys! Well i'm a Web Developer front-end based, and i'm starting to learn more javascript to start dev my first HTML5 Game, and i have this Question about performance in mind: ~Native Apps can use hardware acceleration because they have more access to device, can use video card or something else, the graphic/performance quality of ipad games are an example We can get some hardware acceleration developing an HTML5 Game? we can dev some game like Eternity Warriors 2 of ipad or something with sprites like King Of Fighters series using HTML5/JS/CSS3?~ I'm really interested, someone ca
  11. Hello @Hady! Man I'm not sure if that's what you are talking about, but if is about publishing your html5 game in a great portal of games. I work on www.clickjogos.com.br and you can publish your game totally free, and there are some different business models where you can get more traffic by promoting your game, in exchange for sharing percentages, something like this. if u are interested i can help you on it
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