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  1. I built this using Game Maker Studio 2, then exported it with the HTML5 extension
  2. Today I decided to ease my way back into game development with a small project, so I spent the day working on my latest creation: Christmas Ice Fall! The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible by avoiding icicles falling from the ceiling. Rare stars will occasionally spawn to give a score boost! The game works on all devices I have tested so far (phones, tablets, desktop) so please let me know if you have an issue with your device. I want to polish the game a bit more before calling it a final product, so I am looking for as much constructive feedback as possible, and please let me know if you manage to break the game! You can play the game here: Controls Desktop: Move left and right with the arrow keys or using "A" and "D". Mobile devices: Tap either side of the screen to move left and right. Screenshots
  3. I am a programmer, game developer, and software engineering student. I have decided to spend some time during my final year of study to share my thoughts, advice and experiences about programming and game development. I have created the blog Game Dev Dan as a place to share this information, and as this is a game development forum I frequently read through, I thought my articles may interest some of you. Please let me know what you think of my blog, I intend to add a new post at least once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.
  4. Frozen Maze is a simple sliding puzzle game where you slide an ice cube around the screen to reach the end of the level, collecting crystals along the way! The game is designed for mobile devices, however it can be played on PC using the mouse. This game is also available for licensing! If interested, feel free to send me an email at Any feedback or advice is appreciated! Click here to play
  5. Apologies for this, I'm the creator of Tactile Games and the website isn't ready for public viewing just yet as its still under heavy development. The URL being added to the Twitter page was an error and has since been removed. The $200-$250 prices you saw on the Pricing page were just placeholders while we determine our final fixed costs and add more games into the site. Since Tactile Games has become public I have changed the prices to a figure which is closer to what the end price is likely to be, although it will probably change over the next month.