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  1. Yes, I understood. Before, I just assumed that pixi had some kind of/ different components for physics etc.
  2. Yes, but tiles are squares and if I want to make a level where the character is moving downwards diagonally, does it looks like the character is moving down the stairs? So basically does tilemap handle the collision and if it does, does it suit me? Im guess I'm looking for a Construct's map editor and I have found out that I could basically use Inkscape or even Blender(a bit too difficult for me) for making levels. Can I do that with Phaser?
  3. I dont't hate or dislike JS, just saying that Coffeescripts syntax is easier to me, and as Pert said, I want to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. I've understood that using TS or CS right now would actually be harder, because it's hard to find enough resources. I've decided to go with Phaser and JS but unfortunately I don't have enough time to do all that aladine suggested so we'll see how this works out . And here comes (hopefully) last question: Is Tiled capable of making levels like in... LIMBO? I mean, tilemaps are for Super Mario levels but could I make a level where every object is unique, or should I just use coding for that? Thank you!
  4. Okay, so one month from last post - I've made some research and found out that every library/engine has it's own problems, but I think that Phaser or Pixi would be the best choice. I have also purchased Construct 2, which is my tool for prototyping or plan B when writing a code doesn't work out. Anyway, I need 5 things from an engine: *Easy syntax (Phaser and Pixi have, Turbulenz doesn't) *Documentation (Turbulenz basically has, Phaser, with examples basically has, Pixi doesn't) *Convincing examples/projects (Turbulenz has, Pixi has but Phaser kind of does not have - it's used by Photon Storm's projects but their games are mostly games made for kids) *WebGL for perfomance *Support for filters, effects... (Pixi has, Phaser probably has and don't know about Turbulenz) So I can't decide between Phaser and Pixi Phaser pros/cons + *Has enough documentation *Easy syntax *Has more support - *After doing the platforming tutorial, it felt somewhat glitcy. I really don't know why but probably because of my lack of skills. *Older than Pixi, since Phaser is built on Pixi so it doesn't receive updates so fast, and as I understand Pixi is for making multimedia, Phaser is 'Pixi strictly for making games'. To me Phaser feels like simplified Pixi, because games made in Pixi have better graphics and so on - I know, I am probably wrong. On the other hand Pixi has no examples and lacks tutorials. I guess, I need somebody to confirm me that I can make games in Phaser that are as good as Pixi games, quality wise and tel me what is the difference between Phaser and Pixi.
  5. Yeah . Well, I actually try to make "x levels behind" saving system. For example - you die at level 6 and respawn at level 4, you managa to get to level 7 then die and respawn at level 5. On the other hand, hardcore edition with no saves would be rather epic. [EDIT] Phaser is starting to look better and better - syntax seems nice but lack of actual documentation might be a problem altough Davey's "Tutorial: Making your first Phaser game" is really nice and I am looking forward to part 2. Also Phaser has a community support right here. So would Phaser be the best choice?
  6. Well, since the lack of beginner friendly documentation for Turbulenz, I have decided to use Construct 2 for prototyping and I think Quintus, Phaser or ImpactJS for actually developing a game and "port" game to Turbulenz later. Out of all these three: Quintus, Phaser and ImpactJS, which would be suitable for me? Quintus seems easy and lightweight but what about the sound, physics and collision detection? ImpactJS has good documentation and nice level editor but it costs about 70 euros (I can afford that but for 70 euros I could get a graphics tablet which would be good for making game art). Phaser seems also nice and is with a decent amount of documentation. TY in advance! ___________ BTW I basically want to make a roguelike platformer with moving platforms that would make people cry... but with unique and mixed graphics style, so the engine must support layers. Making this in Construct 2 would be easy, but I wouldn't learn as much.
  7. What do you mean by using plain JS? In Turbulenz I can code in JS or TS (both of them are officially supported). Phaser and other similar engines seem too ... I don't know light, limited but Turbulenz is basically HTML5 Unity and is made by a group of professionals while other engines are often made/maintained by one person. For example Polycraft - http://polycraftgame.com/ is made in Turbulenz engine.
  8. No, you totally misunderstood me. My game would be crap if I would only use pure JS and canvas (no game engine) because using game engine built by professionals is way easier and better than building my own engine. And also why is TS/CS a waste of time? It's not the most popular language but the pure language itself is still better than JS. Yes, I know but I believe that every language will fade some day because better and more modern languages with same functionality will come (Dart). For example Pascal was once a big programming language but it was released more than 40 years ago. I definitely don't think that JS is a bad language but there are just better alternatives.- My opinion. And could we please stop bashing TS/Coffescript and praising JS, I feel like I am the protector of the underdog . ----- Do you know good and beginner friendly TS tutorials or books? And since I can't and don't want to use Visual Studio on Windows are there any good Ubuntu IDE's. BTW. I am very thankful to the ones who have replied.
  9. Since this is a school project, it can't be ... crap so using plain JS and canvas isn't a choice. Anyway, if I start learning a language for Turbulenz, Typescript would be better, since it is more modern and easier but what about Turbulenz's documentation? Will i be able to understand it if I learn TS? What about Typescript's own documentation? Are there any books for beginners or websites (Codeacademy for JS is extremely good )? Also what abou IDEs? I would really like to develop in Ubuntu.
  10. Okay, so using Coffeescript with Turbulenz in possible but pointless. I think that TypeScript is officially supported by Turbulenz and learning TS would be a better option since in the future JS will probably fade. So it is down to JS vs TS. TypeScript has better and shorter syntax, but if I want to learn haXe, Python, Java, Dart... in the future, would Javascript be much better? And what about documentation using Turbulenz with Typescript?
  11. Well lets just say I want to make a game and don't want to handle with JS's weird and a bit aged syntax right now. Is it possible to use Coffeescript with Turbulenz engine? BTW. I think that Dart or Coffeescript/Typescript is the future, not Javascript.
  12. I understand but JS might be a bit too hard for me especially when coding a game so maybe it is possible to use Coffeescript with Turbulenz? and learn pure JS afterwards? And since I have learned Coffeescript, mastering JS would be much simpler?
  13. Hello! I am a 14 year old student from Estonia (so English is not my mother tongue ). I have choosen to make a computer game as a school project and decided to use HTML5. I understand basic programming and how code works, but syntax is problem for me. I know a bit of JS and some Python. I kind of dislike Javascript syntax, but really like Pyhton syntax since it is easy to undesrstand and I don't know how to code in HTML5 and CSS (but that is not a problem because they are easy to pick up, right?). Anyway I have tried Construct 2 and can easily make a game in it and I am also willing to buy it's license, but I feel that this engine is a bit limited so I don't know what to do. I will probably use Construct 2 to prototype my game but would like to try Turbulenz engine to build full game, since Turbulenz seems most advanced. On the other hand Turbulenz engine wants me to use JS or Typescript. I understand that Typescript has better syntax than JS but Coffeescript has even better and more Python-like syntax. Is it possible to code in Coffescript, translate to Javascript and use code in Turbulenz engine or is it impossible/too hard? Also, after I have picked up JS/Coffescript/Typescript, should I move on to the haXe because if I can code in haXe, I can basically develop games/software in C++ ? (C++ syntax is killing me -.-) Thank you! -Sorry for grammar mistakes.