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  1. Hi, I have a problem with fillstroke() on a canvas text. I want white text with a black outline of 5px. But on some characters it looks distorted (attached is a screenshot in Chrome, it's Arial 20pt). I had that problem before with createjs (I used two texts, one white, one with outline=5, above each other). Then I thought it's probably a createjs bug and if I do it using filltext() and fillstroke() right on the canvas it would be solved. But it's the same. Did anybody have that problem already? It's a little weird because I don't find anything about that and it's a very basic thing... Here the code: ctx.fillStyle = '#fff';ctx.strokeStyle = '#000';ctx.lineWidth = 5;ctx.font = '20pt Arial';ctx.textAlign = 'center';ctx.strokeText('Hello', 0, 0);ctx.fillText('Hello, 0, 0);Thanks for help!