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  1. Hi @Raptisha-- sorry for late reply. Just saw this! We use Phaser mainly. Best, -David
  2. Hi there! If you're looking for a team with real HTML5 experience -- who knows how to make the game properly work on all handheld browsers, tablets, as well as PCs -- let's talk! We built some of the top HTML5 games on sites like Yahoo Games, Games.com, iWin, and others. You can see some of our HTML work in this video (HTML5 at the 2 minute mark): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ4Yvcaj4wk Or check our site: http://www.doublecoconut.com/ I hope you'll consider us! Best, -David CEO Double Coconut http://www.doublecoconut.com
  3. No replies So will expand. If you are in Russia or the Ukraine, as well, would love to hear from you. I've got some really fun opportunities. Best, -David
  4. Hi all, Does anyone have any idea where the chat for this site comes from? is it an open source chat client or framework? it's pretty nice looking. Best, -David
  5. Are there any published requirements from portals or sponsors that anyone knows of, or will they take anything as long as it fits?
  6. does this site have an area comparing and contrasting people's experiences with different frameworks?
  7. Any developers in Armenia looking for some partnerships or work?