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  1. istvan89

    @Spyro23: yes, its City Connect 2:
  2. istvan89

    Thanks. The strange thing was the claims that they license exclusively games for 1500 USD for HTML5 and Android... I hope this will be up a few days, maybe we can gather some more information.
  3. istvan89

    Hi everyone, We have been contacted by a guy named Sameer. Ha said he is from company, and is looking for HTML5 and mobile web games. We had one of our games which was available for exclusive licensing, and gave him offers with a few options for HTML5 + Android version for one our game. Received a bit raw reply, explaining that its too expensive and they could sponsor 16 games like ours for that price, and they regularly license high quality games for 1500 USD (HTML5 + Android version). Our offer was not 16x times higher than 1500. He showed me that this is their developer account on Google Play: Later I found this account which (also) belongs to I know think it is possible to have multiple developer accounts for the same company, but its weird that the former has a few thousand downloads per game, the latter has millions of downloads per game (likely to His email account is gmail, and not, will disclose it later if needed. I would like to know if anyone had encountered them? Or worked with them? edit: I have edited my first post regarding the amount of our offer, because it's not that relevant, since obviously if you first give the offer you need to start higher, then bargain the price and terms. I don't want to draw away the attention of this thread by discussing if the price was higher or not. What I wanted to know: 1. Are they truly 2. If yes, is it true that they sponsor high quality games exclusively for 1500 USD (HTML5 + Android version). The game in question in case anyone is interested:
  4. Yes I see it, that's why I'm curious if there is any news, or marketjs ignored this after their post?
  5. You can provide a frame id (number) instead of frame name (string) when creating your sprite, so this should do what you want: this.figuritaspega =, 0, 'Monsters', this.rnd.integerInRange(0,4)); Also there are problems with the rest of your code. This line wont create a group, it just passes the group creation function reference to the figuritaspega variable: this.figuritaspega =; It should be: this.figuritaspega =; And the rest won't work too, because you try to pass a group to the key parameter of this.add.sprite function: this.figuraarriba = this.add.sprite(1015, 140, this.figuritaspega); this.figuraarriba.scale.set(0.9 , 0.9 );
  6. I would handle with caution that numbers on Matthew's blog, because he doesn't disclose the portion of the exclusive, non-exclusive deals, it's just 'HTML5 Games' in his reports. It can be work for hire revenue, ad revenue, brokerage fees ( ), basically anything regarding html5 games. Following his blog for longer time period I've never seen him revealing what exclusive deals he did. So seeing some nice numbers is probably not the best insight to know what is possible...
  7. Hi, Here is our catalog of html5 games: If you are interested in licensing any of them feel free to drop me an email to
  8. You need to register as a CPMStar publisher, as I remember you can do that under Account Settings. Then you'll have access to many different Ad codes for different ad formats (720x90, 300x250 etc.).
  9. Sent you a message on Skype (!
  10. Surely, because you cant see the coming spikes at all. We played a lot with turned of this limitation and it felt not really good, but maybe we'll add this option.
  11. It had to be added otherwise you could just flap infinitely and stuck on the top of the screen, which felt like it destroys the gameplay.
  12. There is a dashed line, above that the bunny doesn't flap.
  13. @BdR: thanks for the feedback! @Infinity: yepp, the IOS version is missing for now, for technical reasons! @Spyro23: thanks for the comment, we'll look into the issue!