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    istvan89 reacted to mentuat in MarketJS copying games again   
    I don't mean to criticize your handling of this but you'll find people might respond more positively if you just admitted fault and removed the games in question rather than use the same pseudo corporate PR response as last time.
    The games mentioned in the thread last year are still live and for sale on your site so why should anyone believe you this time?
    For clarity, here they are again:
    Original game Let Me Grow
    MarketJS copy Baby Whale Rescue
    Original game Pilot Heroes
    MarketJS copy Pilot Training
    Original Game: Mini Race Rush
    MarketJS copy Monster Truck
    Original Game Mini Putt
    MarketJS copy Tiny World Golf
    Would it be possible to remove these from your site immediately and not sold in the future?  I've had to explain to clients why there are are odd looking copies of my games around and I've lost sales to publishers who already have your clones of my games in their catalogue
    Another thing - there's a couple of forum users have been very busy trying to push this thread off the front page by bumping old posts.  I also noticed that the last time they posted was at exactly the same time as the previous MarketJS thread about copying games...
    Please could you ask them to give it a rest as it screws up the forum for other users!
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    istvan89 got a reaction from Rafaelx in Displaying random sprite from Atlas   
    You can provide a frame id (number) instead of frame name (string) when creating your sprite, so this should do what you want:
    this.figuritaspega =, 0, 'Monsters', this.rnd.integerInRange(0,4)); Also there are problems with the rest of your code. This line wont create a group, it just passes the group creation function reference to the figuritaspega variable:
    this.figuritaspega =; It should be:
    this.figuritaspega =; And the rest won't work too, because you try to pass a group to the key parameter of this.add.sprite function:
    this.figuraarriba = this.add.sprite(1015, 140, this.figuritaspega); this.figuraarriba.scale.set(0.9 , 0.9 );  
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    istvan89 reacted to ozdy in Current Licensing Market   
    I know many high earning Flash/HTML5 developers and none of them wants to reveal their secrets publicly on how to make money. And that's for a very good reason. Assuming TrueValhalla really makes $10K/month it would make very little sense financially that he produces a worthy competitor for $500 via his consulting or $50 with his e-book, as the market is small enough that a good developer will take a chunk out of your earnings via saturating the market or getting some of your clients. When you look at TV's site, 80% of the emphasis is how much he makes and to buy his book/services, which is odd if it only attributes to 20% of his earnings.
    That being said, I do believe he is very good at marketing, which is a useful skill to have and most developers should acquire. I also believe $10K/month is possible by producing 3-4 high quality games a month, but I'm just not seeing this output from him, unless he is hiding a lot of his new games.
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    istvan89 got a reaction from Umz in Current Licensing Market   
    I would handle with caution that numbers on Matthew's blog, because he doesn't disclose the portion of the exclusive, non-exclusive deals, it's just 'HTML5 Games' in his reports. It can be work for hire revenue, ad revenue, brokerage fees ( ), basically anything regarding html5 games. Following his blog for longer time period I've never seen him revealing what exclusive deals he did. So seeing some nice numbers is probably not the best insight to know what is possible...
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    istvan89 got a reaction from SilentxxBunny in Jurassic | Flappy Jam   
    Its not easy, actually its maybe a bit harder that the original.   The acceleration when falling seems to be high, I failed often right on the start by falling onto the ground. Other than that, its a well made game!