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  1. I upgraded a project to BJS v3.0 and am seeing a difference in VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera which maybe is FOV related? (Basically a lot of culling going on in the new v3.0 version) If you look at the attached files: babylonjs_VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera_before.png shows what the VR camera rendered like before v3.0 babylonjs_VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera_after.png shows what the VR camera renders like in v3.0 Notice that the camera is positioned inside a vehicle cab. In the "before" pic we have a nice rendering. But in the "after" pic the top of the vehicle cab and the steering wheel is culled away. I tried changing .fov on both the main camera and _rigCameras but doesn't seem to make a diff. that._cameraList[enumCameraList.cabViewVR].fov = XX; that._cameraList[enumCameraList.cabViewVR]._rigCameras[0].fov = XX; that._cameraList[enumCameraList.cabViewVR]._rigCameras[1].fov = XX; I read in a separate thread that maybe VRCameraMetrics.postProcessScaleFactor can be tweaked but I cannot find much detail around that. Thanks for any ideas!
  2. At least I'm not the only one... there are other folks on the immersive apps forum with similar issues.
  3. Unfortunately this looks like it's probably some weird driver issue. I am on Windows 10 15063.483 If I unplug the Acer headset, then I can view WebGL pages fine in Edge. But if I plug in the headset, then the WebGL rendering fails with no output to the Edge console. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it, or where to go from here. The headset works fine in the Mixed Reality Portal app but I really wanted to do some WebVR stuff with it.
  4. Has anyone had luck with displaying WebVR to the Acer Mixed Reality Headset (Development Edition)? I just received mine yesterday. So far, I haven't been able to get any WebVR content through the headset, including BabylonJS through Edge. The odd thing is, I had WebVR working fine through the Simulator in the Mixed Reality Portal a couple of months ago. So something must have changed (maybe Windows 10 updates?) There isn't much to the setup - Although it does mention "become a Windows Insider" which is kind of vague. What ring is required (if any?)
  5. Thanks Wingnut! Very good idea - so setting each individual L/R camera. I wonder if this will work with the WebVRFreeCamera as well? I'll do some tests and report back here.
  6. What I have done in the past with Blender animations is to just create a _single_ animation in Blender that separates the animations by frames. So for example, frames 0 to 30 are walking, 31 to 60 are standing, and 61 to 90 are jumping (example here - The exporter tries to combine the animations in some way, but as you can read below it can get complicated So maybe easier to start with single animation in blender?
  7. Hi All, (I edited this post so it's a bit more clear)... Using a FreeCamera, I can set camera.parent equal to a mesh so that the camera moves with the mesh: But if I try this with a VR Free Camera (VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera or WebVRFreeCamera), then it doesn't seem to work (the camera does not move with the mesh)... What I am trying to do is simulate "riding" on a vehicle or object. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks, -Andy
  8. Nice! Thanks for the quick reply. For now I'll use a second mesh, and revisit this when the PR is in.
  9. Hello, it's been awhile since I've posted here but it's great to be back on a little babylon project! Short version: In this playground test, I would like to have the TOP side of any PolygonMesh to be colored Red, and the other sides Blue (as you can see, it is not correct yet) Longer version: I am using PolygonMeshBuilder to create a Mesh from a set of 2D Vertices. The number of vertices is not known until runtime. I would like to set the TOP side of the extruded mesh to a different material, so I am creating a Multimaterial. But I am struggling with getting the parameters correct when applying the multimaterial to the subMeshes polygonMesh.subMeshes.push(new BABYLON.SubMesh(1, 0, verticesCount, 0, lastTopVertex, polygonMesh)); polygonMesh.subMeshes.push(new BABYLON.SubMesh(0, 1, verticesCount, lastTopVertex, verticesCount + lastTopVertex, polygonMesh)); My fallback plan is to just create a separate Mesh for the Top, but this is bugging me Thanks for any ideas.
  10. Sorry, never mind... figured it out. Here is the corrected script!
  11. Okay, what am I doing wrong here? I am trying to convert a world position to a screen x, y using Vector3.Project. For example, here I want to get the top, left position of a Ground Plane in browser (screen) coordinates: Thanks for any ideas! -Andy
  12. Happy New Year All! I had a little time over holiday break to play with LiquidFun and BabylonJS together. LiquidFun is limited to 2D physics, but you can still do some neat stuff together with BJS particle system, including Jelly (soft body) physics. Demo Here Blog Post with some details Enjoy!
  13. As you may already know, the WebView for Android is typically an older version of Chromium ( that lacks WebGL support. I recently had the need to create an Android app using Babylon.js and ended up using Crosswalk and Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. It seems like a pretty good solution for some Babylon.js scenarios (performance is adequate, there is some bloat added to your app size). Anyway, in case it is helpful, I made... a blog post on the steps a video walkthrough -Andy
  14. Excellent work Samuel!! As you know I spent hours some time ago trying to get rag dolls working in babylon! I still need to poke around your code to see how you did it One small note on your sample code, which might be good for folks newer to Babylon... I had to add the mime extensions for the Babylon types to get it up and running (noticed a couple of 404's before that). <system.webServer> <staticContent> <!-- add mime types for babylon file types --> <mimeMap fileExtension=".fx" mimeType="application/shader" /> <mimeMap fileExtension=".babylon" mimeType="application/babylon" /> </staticContent> </system.webServer>