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  1. I had a similar issue, I had the player, obstacles and enemies the player and enemies had to have immovable=false and obstacles had to be immovable=true otherwise the obstacles would just be pushed around, but this caused a problem with the enemies and the player, they wouldn't collide so What I done was checked the distance between the player and all the enemies if the distance between them = (enemy.width+player.width)/2 then the enemy stops moving or whatever I wanted to happen. I had a quick look trough your code but I couldn't find where you set the immovable property on the obstacles or player Game looks pretty cool BTW
  2. Works like a dream, thanks a million for getting back to me so quick too, my day has been made
  3. Hi, so I'm new to Phaser and I've been trying to make a little game, I want the movement of the player something like the tank game, with the camera following except instead of using the arrows I'd like to use the touch/mouse input. The input coordinates I'm getting back are relative to the canvas is there anyway to get this relative to the world instead. Any help would be brilliant, I've tried a few different things but I can't seem to find a way around or any examples or existing games that do this. Also, what is the purpose of the game.camera.deadzone in the tank game?