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  1. Description Play the game !Horizon Rush is a fresh and colorful running platform game. The game hasn't been licensed yet. Features16 levels and 3 achievements1 finger, intuitive gameplayResponsive UI and streamed sound About usThe game was created by the Resonant Craft team. We develop html5 games for mobile and desktop platforms. More about the gameWe are looking for feedback to improve the game, so don't hesitate to give us critiques here and/or on social networks ! Find us @ResonantCraft, Facebook, and Google plus Our website
  2. I wanted to share with you an open source engine that was just released in beta recently. It is called Godot, and it was developped internally by a game studio over the last years. It proposes a couple of really interesting features : Exports to desktop, mobile, and web (html5) There is an internal animation toolset plus animation graphsThe engine has a profiler/debugger I'm waiting to see some example of games released using this tool, and how it evolves during the upcoming months, but this looks quite promising. Cheers, Nathan
  3. @stevefromio : regardless of the engine, getting the hang of mobile game dev (and optimization) takes quite a bit of time. Here we've been working with construct for half a year, and our workflow is just getting nice and smooth. And it's just trial and error unfortunately. You can make html5 and wrapped games that work well on iOS and Android, you'll just have to go through the manual and Ahsley's blog to find where there are limitations. I'll only have one recommandation : use the scale outer, fullscreen in browser mode and make your UI responsive (anchor behavior + place specific items based
  4. That's a nice post, thank you for your work. Cheers, Nathan
  5. Thank you for pointing that out. I also added a direct link to the game.
  6. An easy way to do so is to generate the upcoming path at regular time intervalls, if you have sections of the same length at least and the player moves at a constant speed. However, I'd generally go for a condition based on the distance of the player relative to the start position section he's currently on -> given that your pivot points are placed at the start of your sections, and that you know about how far the player can see, you can safely place your next section before he sees it. Also, the character is the one who'll move on a 3d engine. On a 2d, sprite-based engine, we have had th
  7. Description Play the game !The Ronin puts you into the skin of a fallen samurai. Fight to the death in unforgiving, dynamic duels ! You get a single opportunity to kill each of your enemies. FeaturesDuel-based, dynamic fights1 finger, intuitive action gameplayJapanese inspired setting About usThe game was created by the Resonant Craft team. We develop html5 games for mobile and desktop platforms. More about the gameThe Ronin was our entry for the Ludum Dare 28 game jam. You can find its page here.We are looking for feedback to improve the game, so don't hesitate to give us critiques here and/o
  8. I've taught basic game design and development to a 13 years old girl this summer, using construct 2. Diving into pure code was far too rough for her, and basic concepts were already quite a bit to chew (variables, conditions, loops and functions). At least with a simple and visual dev environment like construct, the projects she made felt rewarding for her. I wouldn't go head first into pure code with a kid, and it might be even more difficult if you don't know JS very well yourself. Cheers, Nathan
  9. Hey there. I'm 21, and my engineer teammate, who takes care of the code, is 24.
  10. Adobe is making the leap to html5 at about the right time, as the support for it is steadily growing. It's already possible to convert flash games to html5 ones rather easily, but this will probably push a couple more devs to publish html5 content.
  11. @Aladine : The unity engine is pretty heavy and optimized for iphone5 and up anyway, with the native mobile export (understand that even simple games are likely going to load and run slowly on older devices). There is nothing official from unity about html5 as far as I know, and I doubt they'll support this before the market is large enough and the webGL technology is wide spread on desktop. Regards, Nathan
  12. No one seems to have linked to Lost Garden's asset pack for prototyping games yet. It's flexible and looks pretty nice.
  13. Here, I work with photoshop, blender and spriter. Gimp (unfortunately) is far behind photoshop at the time in terms of productivity. With CC now, I get my assets trimed and exported cleanly as I'm working, and that's absolutely great ! However as far as 3d for games is concerned, blender is pretty flexible and efficient.
  14. Data/object pooling is a matter of having your engine create and keep a certain amount of objects/instances at runtime instead of deleting them and creating new instances from scratch. It just means that you want to make the way your code handles objects as efficient as possible (at least I think ). Cheers, Nathan
  15. That's a funny little tool. Not very flexible though, but I'm curious to see what they make out of it.
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