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  1. Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that I've started running humble bundle style asset bundles on my site If you enjoy The bundle offerings on humble bundle you may also enjoy the bundles from my site. Here's an example Of the current bundle I'm running currently until January2021. If you're reading this post at a later date don't worry as I plan to be releasing more bundles throughout the year. I'll try to keep this post updated everytime I release a new bundle.
  2. I,ve built a little tool for cutting up Spritesheets into keyframes you can also use it preview spritesheet animations. It's got a handy little feature that will also allow you to trim the final frames as well as reduce the scale of the out put keyframes. If you're working with pixel art you can also toggle anti aliasing on and off. the tool is live and works in local so no uploading and downloading heavy png images. It works FAST! check it out on my site another tool on my site, Something which a lot of us need to do is bulk rescaling of images. You're probably used to using irfranview or PS from the command line to do stuff like this but this little tool will handle it for you quicker than both of those. It also works in local so no uploading and downloading tons of images! Here's the link I spent ages making these tools If you find them useful I'd love to hear it!
  3. I Know this is a bit of a late reply but for anybody else browsing this post, You can check out my "now quite large " collection of 2d game assets and animated game sprites at loads of free ones there too.
  4. Hi everyone I'm currently running my own asset website where I post all my own work for developers such as yourselves to use in their games. The site's been going for over 18 months now and I've accumulated a good collection of assets already. The idea of the site is to produce useful assets at affordable prices. The site isn't just another asset store, it's kind of a personal thing and all the assets their are my own with the intention of maintaining a kind of continuity of style across all the assets I produce, although they have changed slightly over time as I've settled into a style. At the moment there is only one style of work on the site so I don't expect there to be something for everyone, but I'm trying to keep the art style universal and easy to replicate should people want to create their own assets that fit in with the style. I'd really love to hear your feed back on the site too. It is finished and fully operations but it's a work in progress and I'm continually improving it over time. I know a lot of indie developers produce games as a hobby without the expectation of turning a large profit from their work so I'm really trying to keep prices down. I also produce free assets which you can use freely in your commercial projects Which is partly why I'm writing this post, as I would like to share the free work I do with everyone who reads this and also generate interest in my asset collection. Here's the first free work I'd like to share with you all I'll post more stuff when it's completed. You can download the asset from the attachment to this post Here's a link to my asset collection website where you'll find more free assets: I've also included a preview image of the assets.
  5. check out there's loads on there and it's still in development free ones too!
  6. Check out my site there are free and super low priced assets on there for everyone.
  7. Hey thanks for taking the time to reply, this information is invaluable to me, What you're saying about about workflows makes sense and having easily adaptable vectors or ps layers is a good idea. although I always try to develop with the idea that some users may not have the ability to use vector or digital image programs well. It seems that producing variety may be inevitable although I might actually drop the x-y flips. Yeah a search function is coming soon. At first it wasn't worth building it as there were so few graphics it would have been a bit redundant but now there are more graphics it seems that it should now be rolled out. The pricing system actually works on a credit based system, people credit their account with 5 dollars then when they download, the asset price is charged to their on site credit not their card , This allows me to keep prices down and not lose money through administration fees for accepting such small payments. the fact you didn't notice this indicates that this is not obvious to users and is something I need to make clear. I really appreciate that you took the time to write this feedback for me, It has proved to be most useful. Thanks alot
  8. You may already be aware, that I'm setting up a site offering free and low priced 2d assets, I'm working hard to produce as many as I can. Whenever I create an asset I always offer the asset in various styles and views. If we were talking about an animated fish, Of which there are a few on the site already, I would offer the fish laid out on a spritesheet and I would offer individual frames and I would also offer inverted versions of the animation in both the spritesheet and individual frames. As you might have guessed this is a mountain of work, and takes more time than designing and drawing the asset. So I really need to find out what is really necessary and what is not. That way I can save time and produce more. So my questions are as follows. How do you use your assets in your engines/games, Do you use inverted versions of sprites, Meaning sprite facing left and sprite facing right, or do you do it in the engine? I have written my own html5 games from scratch ,without an engine and I used inverted sprites just to save time, but I have experience with unity3d and other engines and with them I didn't need inverted sprites. are inverted sprites something you find necessary? Do you ever use individual keyframe animations or do you always use a spritesheet? should I not bother exporting each frame as a single image or should I just lump each animation sequence onto a spritesheet? By the way if you're interested in seeing or using some of my assets you can view them here and as always if you have any ideas as to what you think might be some popular game asset ideas I'm always grateful to hear them. I can't do commissions as I don't really have time, this website is sucking the life from me. But fresh ideas are great to hear.
  9. Are you new to javascript and html? are you new to programing in general ? If not what programing background do you come from? have you ever made games before? I bet everybody on this forum would have some great advice for you if you made your question a bit more detailed.
  10. I know this thread is getting old now but if anyone wants them i just did some more graphics. this time it's some guns. There vectors but i've include a png export along with the vecotr, if you want to download them get them here:
  11. Thanks for the replies, I was planning on doing some medieval warfare stuff. When it's done I'll put it on my web and let you know. EDIT***** I've been playing around today and came up with this. Were you thinknig something along these lines? Yeah i like the cartoony look but i think it's really down to giving everything a dark outline. I normally do this as it helps to stop game sprites bleed into the background. If anybody wants to download and use it here's the link.
  12. Hi As a HTML5 game developer myself I realise how much time it takes to create graphics for these things(games), So basically I'm starting a site to share any things I create with all developers so they can use them in their games too, royal free. I want to keep my graphics to mostly generic things that other dev's will need. "Generic" , because I realise that dev's aren't gonna want to be sharing the same art style for all their games. When I create graphics for my own games I know exactly how I need them and how to organise them on my sprite sheets and include them in my games. Can anybody share how they create and intergrate graphics what thingsI should keep in mind when making graphics for other developers ,DoI need to do special things for graphics that need to be incorperated into engines, and what type of things would be useful for people when they make games. Here's some examples of some assets I'm making. If you want to use them in your game you can download them here. Heres some isometric designs i did too. you can use them too: download file if you want to use it here . So basically any ideas you can through my way as to how you think i could present and make graphics for devs better would be appreciated.
  13. On a side note , if you do use local storage to store level data and user data, your game will be easily hackable by any user from the browser console (unless you do some crazy encrypt code and checking) . I always use local storage becuase I don't care if my users hack the game to get to more advanced levels but this might be something you might not want to happen. Yeah and there's no need to use a library to use local storage for game. plus if you're new to javascript and html5 then i would recommend learning how js works before using a library. especially for something as simple as local storage.