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  1. Hey everyone, Hex-GS is now finished. Hope everyone enjoys playing it, let me know your high scores and what you think!
  2. UPDATE: The game is now officially a game, able to play in the beta state. I'm going to be using this beta state to have a game for our Christmas Eve celebration. Yep - HTML5/JavaScript game competition on the big screen. Do me a favor, please give the game a shot from the link above - even if you already have. I want to know what you guys think.
  3. This weeks update reverts the control scheme to the NES/FDS Gyruss scheme - choosable between arcade & simple, with the ship rotating around the screen, not the screen rotating around the ship. Right now it's set to arcade control mode.
  4. More fun to be had since my last update last week. I've added a few sound effects for player shots, asteroids that you have to avoid, an updated grapple beam, and a nasty brain that you need to eliminate. Keep playing and trying on all platforms! Hopefully this will be built in full by Christmas, where I'll have this year's Christmas challenge with my family for prizes. I'm really trying hard to make this a showpiece for true arcade games on the web. Many battles have been fought in the face of a console/arcade-like experience in the forms of performance/framerate on lower-powered machines (
  5. It worked fine for me in Chrome on a Mac. It's got heart and potential. However, on my machine the screen gets too wide, and it becomes kind of hard to navigate the playfield.
  6. More update: I was going back & forth a few months between JS & a few other native languages due to performance pouting, but I think I got things a little better. I'm setting up a Mac in my studio with all my old game consoles to create a grand gaming & entertainment portal. While new enemies have not yet been added (they will be), I have made a few tweaks to the game. First, the level spins around you. Second, the main enemies turn. Third, there is music. Fourth, it all works on iOS (5.0+). Fifth, on desktop, fullscreen and gamepad are supported (where available for use). Stil
  7. Latest update is now there are plenty of shootable invaders to play with in the sandbox!
  8. Hey all, I'm not really an artist, so I'm interested in getting a decent pixel art artist and animator who can help create some memorable, authentic arcade-style games for the browser. Those who feel they would specialize in 80's and 90's graphics for arcade games would be great. I have produced several games in the past programming in C++ and C for Windows and Mac, and the past 2-3 years have moved my career and game programming hobby towards the web. I've even posted my game Huoli Arcade on the forum, and my work in progress Hex-GS. Nothing that pays, just a fun collaboration for those i
  9. WebcadeJS will also feature rudimentary iCade support. I don't think this has been done before.
  10. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! I was able to get rudimentary iCade support on this (and WebcadeJS in general, the library I created for use in my games) in the game. To try it: Load the game in an iPad browser. Tap the screen once, and then you can start using iCade. It shows an overlay, but I'm going to see if I can do better with this. It's currently deactivated, but it does work. I just hate the stupid form assistant popping up - it has no business being there.
  11. Unlike others here, I think if you're looking to target just iOS, dual thumb controls would be pretty cool. How I would do it is to stretch the screen to fit your browser window virtually - I actually don't see an issue with this if you really want to try it. I agree about older android OS versions with multitouch issues though.
  12. I'm just about finished writing version 1.0.1 of the library. You can see the documentation here: http://www.brooklyncodebits.com/webcadejs-api/
  13. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing where I can go with this. This also looks cool, though I do prefer my 80's look of Z80/224x256 style of old arcade machines. Plus I'm not a talented artist to make my game look as detailed as this nice looking one.
  14. Hex-GS IS COMPLETE! - http://www.newyorkcodebits.com/webapp/hex-gs/ Hey guys, got another one for you. Since Huoli Arcade, I've wanted to create a game variation of my all time favorite, Gyruss. Enter Hex-GS. It's going to be a similar styled 80's tube/gyro shooter from the arcades, but I'm adding some twists. For starters, you will be able to power up your Hexfighter with a dual shot, and then a rotater/spreader-dual shot. Second, you have the ability to grapple to the other side of the tube surface with a button. To top it off, like the NES/Famicom Disk port of Gyruss, you will be able t
  15. Link updated - now uses my WebcadeJS library to run the game on a normal page! Can be placed ANYWHERE!
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