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  1. Another seriously simple and addictive game, everything you make seems to be stellar. Hats off sir.
  2. Wow, surprisingly addictive! I love the art style and the little scream gave me a chuckle. Will keep my eyes peeled for more to come.
  3. Hello all! I work for a digital agency called Blonde Digital, we recently developed 2 games for IRN-BRU. The games were build using Phaser and work on both desktop and mobile. Pumping-Irn: There is 30 seconds on the clock, mash the keys to get as many reps as possible! Be sure to hit the bonus button as soon as possible when it appears! Toss the Girder: Launch the girder as far as possible, picking up cans along the way to get boost yourself further! Touch the ground and your finished! you can PLAY THE GAMES HERE! Feedback appreciated! Cheers.
  4. Really love this, the controls are so simple and intuitive.
  5. For future reference, I eventually landed on the following workaround. The border appears when the x/y position of the TileSprite lands on a float (e.g. 231.2342342340), this happens as it is being positioned inside a group which is scaled. I ended up moving the TileSprite outside of the scaled world group and managed it's position and scale independantly, making sure to round its position values.
  6. I thinking it must be a bug as in the fiddle it seems to intermittently work, which is very confusing.
  7. I'm developing a game which makes use of the P2 physics system. I have a group of sprites with static P2 bodies which must collide with another sprite with a dynamic body. This all works dandy until I call the .kill() method on one of the static bodies and then respawn it somewhere else via .reset(x,y). After reseting it, it no longer collides with the dynamic body? After hours of debugging I've figured out that if I make the bodies static then collisions still work after a kill/reset. This doesn't help me that much however as I need them to be static. I've made a jsfiddle to illustrate the problem: (NOTE: click the big boxes to kill/reset them) Cheers!
  8. Phaser renders raster images to a HTML5 canvas element, this is fundamentally different to vector graphics (SVG). Refer to Rich's comment here: Thats not to say that you can't make a canvas game which responds to the device size. You would just need to make different resolution versions of your assets and change which ones you use depending on the size of the viewport and the device. There is a wealth of information provided by game.device (, and you can get the size of the viewport by using window.innerWidth & window.innerHeight. Other options available to you would be to use the Graphics primitives, however this will be nowhere near as performant as using bitmap images. Or you could use phaser to manage your state and game logic and write your own code which then manipulates svg elements based on it. To be clear I'm not necessarily recommending this, but if the game is simple and you need to use SVG for your school project then it is an option.
  9. Really enjoyed the existing books, my choices would have to be: Phaser Internals (game loop, sub-systems, extending the core) A Guide to the Phaser State Manager (presuming this would cover "parallel states" feature coming in the future update) A Guide to Phaser Filters / Shaders
  10. Excellent, I look forward to being taught a thing or two!
  11. Hey guys. I think I've come across a bug, hopefully someone else has encountered it and has a solution. For the game I'm currently making I need a camera that can zoom, to achieve this I decided to put everything I want to be affected by the 'zoom' into a group and scale it. This works perfectly, however, I noticed around the perimeter of TileSprites within the group a 1px grey border appears intermittently. This only seems to happen on TileSprites with transparency. I have tried using both renderers and the problem persists. I recreated the problem in isolation here: Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Wow, looks like the bar was just raised. Absolutely gorgeous art direction.
  13. I would prefer to see a strong reference manual first, I'm sure the community is more than up to the challenge of providing some tutorials in the meantime.
  14. chib

    Phaser 2.0.0 Released!

    Absolute legend, Phaser is coming on leaps and bounds. Cannot wait to get my teeth into P2 and !
  15. Really high level of polish. Genuinely fun too, look forward to more!