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  1. I wana present my game in real life but i wana build a custom 2 player version or more with some hardware and joysticks. What joysticks do you recommend and how would i set them up with phaser?
  2. Removing the text object would clear up more memory. I am not sure how much actually its going to save though.
  3. jjwallace

    Phaser Lite

    Is there a version of phaser with physics stipped out of it and like barebones? Not a big deal just wondering.
  4. I am using GruntJS to concatenate and minify/uglify my code but its not enough. I want my code to look disgusting, any suggestions?
  5. I have a particle generator of lighting bolts and i want them to generate at random angles around an object. The particles do not move but just play an animation. Everything is working i just need random angles to work, how does one reference this with emitter. emitter = this.add.emitter(0, 0, 100); emitter.makeParticles('bolt'); emitter.gravity = 0; emitter.x = this.world.centerX; emitter.y = this.world.centerY; // emitter.maxParticleScale = 1; // emitter.minParticleScale = 0.5; // emitter.angle = (Math.random()*360); emitter.setYSpeed(0, 0); emitter.setXSpeed(0, 0); emitter.minRotation = -180; emitter.maxRotation = 1800;
  6. I want to create a mobile simulation landing page for desktop. When a user navigates to the page on mobile they get thrown into the game but when on desktop they get thrown into a simulator, here is a demo image.
  7. greenJellyfish.frameName = 'greenJellyfish0010'; if you have a json with frame names
  8. You were right! I was forgetting a parameter in the call , thanks dude!
  9. Just checked and everything seems fine, fishconstructor received pSize but did not pass it to the funciton
  10. Weird cause its not working in my build. What would be too many params?
  11. this.setSize(pSize) and this.pSize = pSize; this.setSize(this.pSize) Both dont pass scope
  12. oh sorry yah im doing that also but its not working, code updated
  13. var Fish = function (game, superThis, index, x, y, size, angle, pSize) { //Bunch of code console.log('FISHSIZE 1: ' + pSize); this.pSize = pSize; this.setSize(this.pSize); } Fish.prototype.constructor = Fish; Fish.prototype.setSize = function(pSize){ console.log('FISHSIZE 2: ' + pSize); } FISHSIZE 1: 0. 2 FISHSIZE 2: undefined
  14. I have some audio objects on my main game create function but i want to move them to npc class. I am spawning many enemies will these make my project more heavy?
  15. How do you guys like to sitelock your projects?
  16. How do you guys site lock?
  17. jjwallace

    Paper Doll Player

    Do you have sprites or are you going to use like some type of skeleton?
  18. Are these both located in the same class? You need to pass scope some how kinda like this: a(this); b(this); function a(myScope) { var myScope.tween = do something } function b(){ myScope.tweet.start() }
  19. I want to make a mobile demo div, see image, anyone try this?
  20. I think i am doing something wrong with passing scope, can someone point me in the right direction here? //Game.js var myGame = function(){ var fish = []; BasicGame.Game.prototype = { create: function () { //makeFish is being called from another class makeFish: function(game, superThis, x, y, fishSize, angle, pSize){ fish.push(new Fish(game, superThis, fish.length, x, y, fishSize, angle, pSize)); } function eatSound(){ var biteMe = Math.floor((Math.random() * 3) + 1); console.log('fishscope: ' + bite1); if(biteMe == 1){bite1.play();} if(biteMe == 2){bite2.play();} if(biteMe == 3){bite3.play();} } } } } Other Class //Fish.js var Fish = function (game, superThis, index, x, y, size, angle, pSize) { } Fish.prototype.die = function(superThis){ superThis.eatSound(); } ERROR: Cannot read property 'eatSound' of undefined
  21. var LevelController = function (superThis) {}; LevelController.prototype = {}; PlayCon.prototype.makeSchoolFish(superThis){ superThis.makeFish(); } // … BasicGame.Game.prototype = { create: function () { this.game.levelController = new LevelController(this, playerType); this.game.levelController.makePlayer(playerType); // … }, makeFish: function(){ ///this is where i want to get too } // … }; Yes i got that far but i want to come back to game....