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  1. To fix the problem of the clicking the rectangle you can check the distance between your click and the center of the circle and compare it to the radius of the circle. var distanceToCenterOfCircle = Phaser.Math.distance(circle.x, circle.y, pointer.x, pointer.y); var circleRadius = 100; if (distanceToCenterOfCircle <= circleRadius){ // Do click logic. }
  2. RT @benkubassek: "#Knowledge is knowing..." @benkubassek #inspiration #quote #motivation #vision #quotes #mission #purpose #wisdom https:/…

  3. Okay, how about this: Keep this.windowConstraints = { right: 'layout', bottom: 'layout' };But don't use bounds.bottom -= 8;because, yea, that's super hacky. But add <style> body { margin: 0; } </style>within the <head> element of index.html How's that?
  4. What are asking? Are you asking why 'sprite1.body.setSize(50, 26, 0, 0);' doesn't work? And, out of curiosity, why are you using (Math.random() * 20000) instead of 20000 is way too big a number. Most of your sprites will spawn off screen.
  5. I discovered a hack that removes the scroll bar. In phaser.js change this.windowConstraints = { right: 'layout', bottom: '' };to this.windowConstraints = { right: 'layout', bottom: 'layout' };This makes the getParentBounds function recognize vertical scaling. Then, in getParentBounds: function(target) add bounds.bottom -= 8; getParentBounds: function (target) { ... if (wc.bottom) { var windowBounds = wc.bottom === 'layout' ? layoutBounds : visualBounds; bounds.bottom = Math.min(bounds.bottom, windowBounds.height); bounds.bottom -= 8; //added to remove scroll bar on scaling } ... },It's hacky, and it probably distorts your aspect ratio ever so slightly, but it works for me Happy coding!
  6. Thanks! Wow does this mean that go daddy support nodejs now?? Very interesting.
  7. And here's a list of fourteen apps you can use.
  8. This one looks good, too.
  9. You can make bitmap fonts with this tool:
  10. Hi. I want to make a multiplayer Phaser game. I'm following this tutorial: But I'm not sure where to host it. I'm trying but having some trouble with it. Does anyone have any recommended hosting solutions for multiplayer node.js games? Thanks! Rob
  11. Thanks Azrael, that's a really good point. I definitely have a hard time getting the information I'm looking for. The examples are great, and they've gotten me pretty far, but a guide that gives a deeper understanding sounds very beneficial. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good structure for something like this? I'm using sublime text, and it can be a pain figuring out the arguments for a function or even finding the correct function at all. Am I missing a resource that helps me quickly find what I'm looking for, or do other people piece together what they know from the examples like me?
  12. Thank you all for your input! Appreciate you taking the time. I was considering making quick simple video tutorials for different aspects of building a game in Phaser. Does anyone think that would be beneficial?
  13. Hey fellow Phaser users, I'm wondering how I can add value to the game dev community around Phaser. So... When it comes to Phaser...If you could wave a magic wand and have any result today, what would that be? Why is reaching that result so important to you? What will it change? What are your top three questions about reaching that result? What roadblocks do you need to overcome to reach that result?Thanks! Happy coding. Rob