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  1. It is repeatedly. I played on MacBook Pro, Safari Version 10.0 (11602.
  2. Hi. Nice game. I have a bug. When I saw "Score screen" I pressed R and the game was restarted, but "Score screen" didn't hide.
  3. Yes. It is works fine now. In the start of the game was difficult to understand how to play in this game (maybe I skipped some hints). I found accidentally that the squares can be changed on the diagonal.
  4. In the zoo game. When I have press the play button, the screen became black and nothing more. And music is still playing.
  5. Of course. My screen resolution - 1920x1200. Windows 7. Browser - Chrome Version 48.0. I played right now. Looks like the bug is fixed.
  6. looks like bug with background
  7. I am playing on Desktop. Yes. I tried to stop near the door to get in, but Ludo slid more.
  8. I liked art style. Player controls are terrible.You need make controls more responsive.
  9. Awesome art. And interesting articles in your blog!
  10. Apelmon

    Blockz (wip)

    Nice game. I like smooth gameplay. P.s. Something strange with the link to the game.
  11. Cool art and fun game play.