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  1. I have the following problem: Im making a first person shooter with js + three.js. Now I wanna do collision detection. So far im doing simple aabb boxes wrapped around everything, but when i comes to complex shapes, like a building, the whole building gets wrapped in 1 aabb hitbox, the whole building becomes unaccessable. What would be a good way around this ? Is there some lib or aalgorithm that creates boxes for complex shapes or would i have to do it manually ? Also, this whole collision thing runs server side, so it shouldnt be too expensive.
  2. So, im doing a first person shooter using three.js. Now the question, that i have, is, how do I do physics. First of all, player movement, so the player can not walk through obstacles and jump on crates and not fall into the ground. I gotta do this client-side (for prediction) and server side (so players can not cheat). I dont know, whats the best way to go here, since it also has to be done server side, it shouldnt be too expensive. Do i use a physics engine like cannon and just let the engine handle everything, client and server side aswell ?
  3. Im looking for a VPS to host my gameserver. Anyone has good recommendations ?
  4. just plain websockets. I started workin in january and worked pretty much full time since then.
  5. i do get some revenue, but I have other plans aswell (micro transactions)
  6. Using awm now, working quite well so far.
  7. Im working on the performance / lag. Will move to a better hosting soon, also most likely gonna have EU / AM / Asia servers.
  8. Yes, movement / collision is all server side. Whats Tiled ?
  9. Some guy posted a link to the game from his website, thats getting quite some new users in, thats mainly the reason. Theres still quite some things to do with the game (fixing bugs, adding lots of things thats missing), but im quite confident that its gonna be big.
  10. No engine. There is a map editor, but its not public yet. I plan to make it public at one point.
  11. so far i didnt have any problems.
  12. @tips4design the jump is just faster movement / dodging shots. Kinda like the dodge jump you can do in many fps. I kinda agree the weapon switch is too slow, but im not sure yet if i wanna reduce that or the reload time. @kevdude thats weird. You have any javascript errors ?
  13. Im using "ws" serverside. Not using perMessage-deflate. Tbh I dont know the server specs, but its shared, and I also dont know how many players can be handled.
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