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  1. Hi folks. I've been fooling around with Pixi for a couple years now, and I've finally gotten something nearly finished: Frog Racer 2018 It's a clone of the Turbo Tunnel level from Battletoads, but endless and randomly generated. It's optimized for mobile and not quite as infuriating as the NES original with touch control Mouse/keyboard control are as follows: WASD: move Space: jump Right click: duck If you play, please let me know if you encounter any strange behaviour or wonky visuals. Thanks!
  2. He has the most anal spritesheets I've ever seen.

  3. I have the most anal sprite sheets you've ever seen so I don't think that will be a problem. Thank you again!
  4. Thank you so much! So you're telling me this "flipped" texture won't have any weird baggage left over from from being flipped? It will be just as though it were a new image completely?
  5. I have sprites which are all anchored at 0.5 for x and y, and they are often "flipped" via (e.g.) someSprite.scale.x *= -1. Because their anchors are centered, they don't move immediately because of this. However, changing to a negative scale mucks with their size and coordinates, because now a 20px-wide sprite will report a width of -20px, and it also interprets changes to its position inverse to what they were before (sprite.x++ will cause it to move up on the screen). This makes sense and everything, but the sprites' movement and activity is not always related to their scale. I kno
  6. Hi folks. I'm working on a sort of Missile Command/tower defense mashup, and I'd love to hear feedback or suggestions. I love Pixi; it makes it so easy! Kingdom Come http://www.eggborne.com/kingdomcome
  7. It is using WebGL in both cases, and I have turned on "use hardware acceleration" in Firefox (latest version). I see the same difference in the mobile versions of Chrome and Firefox I made my site again from scratch when 3.0 came out, and the version of the site which uses the old Pixi still performs similarly in both browsers. Is there an acknowledged difference in Pixi 3.0's ability to perform in Firefox vs. Chrome?
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to do the same thing for tint, and if so how?
  9. Thanks for the replies, guys. I seem to constantly come here with non-Pixi problems. Upon further inspection it seems that the game runs very slowly when the browser is blurred (I am using setTimeout), a tiny fraction of the normal speed -- it took about a minute to update 50 times, when it normally would have updated 3600 or so in that span. Do you know of any way to control this?
  10. So you're saying the simulation would still be frozen when not in focus, but would "catch up" on all its operations when the user brought the window back into focus? Wouldn't there be a point where so many update() calls (i.e. many hours' worth) would hang the browser?
  11. I have asked around about this and haven't had much success; it was suggested that the framework I'm using has its own version of this functionality. So here I am! I know it's best for most games to automatically pause when focus is lost, but I'm working on a cellular automata and I want it to continue running at all times. Is this possible?
  12. I've been working on a couple fun things lately. Pixi's performance is just nuts! Conway's Game of Life Visualizer - click and drag to start a pattern Ant Simulator 4000 - I especially enjoy the filters used in "Groovy Mode"
  13. Editing this post because I found annoying browser-breaking antics in the project I originally linked to. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. I have set Container.pivot.x and Container.pivot.y to 0.5 and nothing seems to have changed. edit: It seems that the pivot property defines a universal point to pivot around, not an area of the container itself (i.e. I had to set pivot.x to window.innerWidth/2 and pivot.y to window.innerHeight/2). Now it's working! Thanks!
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