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  1. Yeah, Jack, what the hell is wrong with you? heh. Get your butt over to the new forum, we're only about 1/4 done with the house-warming party. And, we need a fresh announcement for Boxigon, at the new forum, too. C'mon!
  2. This thread has been moved to I am marking this as 'moved'... see ya at the new forum.
  3. Hi maksmaks... welcome to the old forum. Could you please re-post in the Questions category of the new forum? In 3-4 days, we cannot post here anymore (but we can still read old posts). Thanks! Perhaps you can use particle emitters on each agent... to leave "trails", but I'm not sure if that would be useful/wise. Cya at the new forum, where we have more helpers.
  4. Hi there. Just a (badly-acting) testing playground, if needed. Can I ask WHY you want to block enter/out/down/up events... on any GUI controls? Are you trying to make picks/clicks...sometimes "get through" to mesh/nodes behind the GUI? Just curious. I assume you mean.. adding enter/out events to GUI rectangles that you wish to use as custom buttons. (creating rectangles that ACT like buttons) *nod* Generally speaking, there is likely a way to do what you wish, without needing to make custom buttons, OR block standard events on simpleButtons. Tell us some more details, if you please. Build us a better playground... teach us what you wish to do. We might be able to solve your issue with some .isForeground, .isBlocking, and/or .isPickable flags.
  5. Hi T! I was SO hoping that @RaananW would have visited and saved the day (Oimo-wise). hmm. A sliderJoint might simply have a different name... in Cannon... like perhaps distanceJoint. Most of the properties are differently named... for each engine, unfortunately. Conversion to CannonJS == big step. Destined for troubles. You have visited R's tutorial page, yes? Are you a member of the new BJS forum? I hope so. Really, some physics superstar needs to build (us) NEW, FRESH versions of "basic car"... for all three of our plugin-honored physics engines. (Oimo, Cannon, Ammo) Who? I don't know. I'm really not very good-at physics coding, but only a few people... ARE. I think the corporate world is sucking-up the pro's, so they don't have time to hang-around with us, here. *sigh* I DO have time to work-on fixing the Oimo car or helping with a Cannon car, but, to be frank, doing that isn't much fun. I'm sort-of retired... so I screw-off a lot and don't like getting stressed. Hmm. I will give it some thought. You... have been very brave... attempting to convert the Oimo car... to Cannon. Bravo! You might get a brain tumor, though. Maybe there are others nearby that can give quicker/better answers than I. Join the other forum, and in a few days, perhaps visit "The Wingnut Chronicles" and say something like... "Theo here... let's talk about physics cars". I will probably *sigh* again... knowing the amount of "work" it could entail. Me, I want to try to determine WHY Oimo joint setMotor is failing, or, more precisely, why the impostor attached to one end of that joint... is frozen in-place. Remember we saw the "micro-moving" in a previous playground. That micro-moving of the setMotor... is evidence that the motor is TRYING to work, but POSSIBLY... the impostor's shape (the mesh) is refusing to allow it. More precisely, I believe it is the shape's "transformNode" that is causing setMotor to fail. Mesh transformNodes are a fairly new feature, and are still under consistent development. I think... something was modified in transformNode... and the Oimo plugin was not updated to compensate for that change. Raanan could probably find it in less than a day. Wingnut... around 2 months. So, you see why I *sigh*. But still, getting good-working basic physics cars... is important, and worthwhile. I will TRY to keep pursuing that goal. Cya at the new forum. Our previous posts are safe, here, for at least 90 more days. But after the new year, we cannot post here any longer. We can still read, though. Take care, thanks for the comments, cya soon.
  6. Wingnut

    New forum

    Thanks for your work, here, guys. Personally, I have lots of text in the old forum... perhaps more than any other user. My primary concern is to have that text remain searchable, forever, somehow. AND, I'm still reading all the text/posts made by others, and depend upon those, heavily (to look smarter than I really am). Anything that can be done... thank you, thank you, thank you! (hug) Also, thanks to those who are spending $$$ on temporarily keeping things alive. Very nice of ya!
  7. Hello, mixoxo, welcome to the (old) forum. Sorry for the slow replies... we've been moving and working hard. Have you read this: (Plenty of info about .obj, but not much about .fbx, though.) I could not find any playgrounds that import .fbx, but here is a forum search for "fbx file". A Google search for BabylonJS + fbx... returned some good results. Maybe good reading, there. Forum super-hero @RaananW once said: If you find an application that can deserialize an fbx file, you can create a babylon file using the information. [link] Let's watch for more replies.
  8. Lots of meshWriter talk happening over in the new forum, @The Leftover. Some here, and a little bit in the new Wingnut Chronicles. Are ya logged-in over there, yet? It's an open-air forum... almost like being outside, in the woods. Pretty nice. Perhaps we need a "new introduction" post... about MeshWriter... over there. In fact, I know we do. Everyone... get your new user accounts and start earning... err... I don't like earn'n'deserve systems... never mind that feature (I prefer everyone treated the same, no matter if they have earned or deserved it, or not. That's another story.) All in all, the new forum is a cool place/thing, and all our friends are over there, learning all the new things that it can do. C'mon over!
  9. I am marking this as solved. See ya at the new forum, Eisha! Post again (there) if you have problems or want to share fun discoveries.
  10. Hi Hugo, welcome to the (old) forum. Feel free to join us at the new forum: Post about your issue... over there, if you would. You don't need to paste your code again. Here's a testing playground with your code included... Apparently, no faceID values are available with tiledGround actionManager events. (like you stated) I believe you MIGHT need to "calculate" which face/cell was clicked... using some math. Anyway, c'mon over to the new forum... re-post your issue in the QUESTIONS sub-forum, if you like. (and include that playground URL listed earlier) PERHAPS others will comment, here. Not sure. There's a party happening at the new forum and I think almost everyone is over there, having fun with the new forum software. Come on-over to the party... we'll work-on your issue over there. Thx!
  11. hahaha... damn, I am SO blind. (hug) Hey DylanD.. are you on the new forum, yet? Perhaps start a new Q&A thread over there... "Testing GUI Health Meters" (anything you choose)... and we'll keep doing experiments and talks. Meantime, I'm marking this thread as solved. Message me if you want it re-opened for some reason. See ya soon at the new forum.
  12. Hi DD. I can't imagine a situation where a power/health meter or status bar... would want/use a moving container. That causes the entire health meter "control".... to move-around upon/within the advancedDynamicTexture (adt) (or upon/within other types of containers such as a grid cells). Few people would animate-move a control... after it is placed upon/within the adt container. But if YOU are happy, DD, then I am happy WITH you. Pretend white-border "outer" container... is where you want the health meter on the screen... in your game/project. You need it to stay there, yes? Try to get your health meter... operating within that white box. Kenya? (can you?) One more wrapping container (outer) shouldn't affect your new control at all, right? Does it? I put a thin red line around original container... so we could watch it moving. SideNote: Hey @Deltakosh/others... line 17 - outer.left = "50px"; ... not working? seems to work, but not outer.left. Likely Wingnut mistake.
  13. Also, that looks like a question for a JQuery forum. On the way to the jQuery help pages and forums, you might wish to change 'target connected' to 'target_connected'. Cya later, somewhere else.
  14. Wingnut

    New forum

    Yeah! A robot... reads post after post after post, gathering the html, page after page... all day sucker. We keep squirting it with WD-40 until... after 90 days of 24/7 "gleaning"... it finishes, and promptly falls to pieces from robot fatigue. heh. "Mister Glean, Mister Glean... sucks your databases clean... by Mennon". errr... no, I got my brands confused. Wingnut checks Naz's "hunter-gatherer" license and it is valid and up-to-date, with proper certifications. hmm. Ok, that's an option. Throw a ton of money and hugging at Naz, and ask him to build his post-reading robot, if he (ever) has time. We really don't need any permissions, right? We just need to act like a user... who reads every post... one after another... for 3 months. Sort of like a "denial of service" attack engine. Thanks for the offer-idea, @NasimiAsl. Interesting and nice-of-ya! I say... name it... The P. I. G. G. G. ... programmable intelligent grunting gulping gatherer. Pigs "forage", and "nudge" and "root", and will eat anything.