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  1. Hey Everyone! I haven't posted here in a minute, but development continues. Build v0.1.4 has just been uploaded to Steam and Itch.io. If anybody here is interested in giving the game a play feel free to message me and I'll send you a key (while they last)! If you want to support the game consider purchasing it on Steam or at very least adding it to your wishlist!
  2. Grimm & Tonic Now on Steam Early Access! You can check out the game on Steam & Itch.io . I will be pivoting away from the weekly online releases. Instead, i'll be updating the client with ongoing content. Teaser and mini-stories are scheduled to be released for free on itch.io Features to be included in update v0.1.2 (October 19, 2018): Achievements! B-Side Story: " Glass Half Full" An Additional Ending for Episode 1 Further Polish and Bug Fixes Below are a couple free keys (If you enjoy the game, leave a review!): P4EC7-34MIB-ARYB4 LFXZX-7RV66-B3C24
  3. COMING OCT 2018! Grimm & Tonic is an ongoing collection of stories centred around the residents of New Eden City. I'm inviting the community to help shape the ways that those stories are told. Each story arc is to be encapsulated in an episode and some will be accompanied by 'B-Side' stories. Grimm & Tonic will be in Early Access until a final episode of "Last Call" is released. Currently, there is a roadmap for a total of 6 episodes, in this particular series. The goal is to have a complete episode released every 3 months with 'B-side' sprinkled throughout the rel
  4. Grimm & Tonic: Episode 1 Scene 8 Introducing aspiring Novelist, Ms. Sylvianna ‘Sylvi’ Anders! Check it out HERE
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Will try what you've suggested ... but I'm loathed to attempt messing with how RenJS handles images.
  6. Hey thanks for giving it a try. I've tweaked a few things so loading should be a lot faster. Let me know!
  7. Grimm & Tonic: Episode 1 Scene 7 Introducing Comrade Wolfgang Konrad! Connoisseur of exotic cocktails and aperitifs. Check it out here!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! A lot of this is handled by the RenJS library so it's looking like I'm going to have to roll up my sleeves and dig into it. Conversely, I may be able to get away with some image compression and possibly utilizing another audio format. Will look into it and see.
  9. Grimm & Tonic: Episode 1 Scene 6 Let's meet Ms. Usha Alida Check it out here!
  10. Grimm & Tonic: Episode 1 Scene 5 Let's meet Mr. Udo Otmar Check it out here! Let me know what you think!
  11. Grimm & Tonic: Episode 1 Scene 4 Let's meet Miss Kassandra Li Check it out here! Let me know what you think!
  12. Revamped scene 3! Wasn’t satisfied with the scene from last week. After reviewing the feedback, I’ve made some changes to the scene to bring the narrative more in line with my goals. Check it out here ! Let me know what you think!
  13. Noted. I can probably speed this up with some image compression.
  14. Hey, can you confirm what browser you are using? Mobile or Desktop?
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